Language Course Questions

Language Course Questions

If you’re about to start your evening language course with Cactus, or are just doing some research on taking an evening language course, you will find lots of useful information and advice in the following articles:

Who Teaches the Cactus Evening Language Courses?

Find out more about our teachers, their qualifications, experience, background and some of their best advice for learning a language.

What Language Teaching Methodology do Cactus Teachers use?

If you’re not sure what to expect from your language course this article explains exactly what ‘full immersion’ and the ‘communicative approach’ are. Come to your course fully-prepared and ready to participate!

What Should I Expect from my Evening Language Course?

A detailed look into what to expect when you join a Cactus evening language course. Know before you go – some great information on what happens in our classes.

What are your Top Tips for Evening Language Course Success?

If you’ve booked yourself on a course then you will want to know how to get the most out of your course. These top 5 tips from Cactus will give you a head start on making your language learning journey a successful one.

What Grammar Should I Know?

When learning a language it’s important to understand the parts of language and to be able to talk about these different parts. We refer to this as ‘metalanguage’ the words we use to talk about language. Here is a basic glossary with some of the terms you will come across in your language lessons.

How Do I Progress with Cactus Language?

Your language level and progression route is explained here. Check how long it will take to go from Beginner level to Advanced level with Cactus evening courses.



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