Russian Teaching Resources

Finding appropriate teaching materials can sometimes prove difficult. Cactus has carefully selected readily available online teaching resources for Russian including e-books, audio-visual materials, worksheets and lessons plans. These can be used as a useful support for your lessons – use our Russian teaching resources in your one-to-one and group classes.


Vocabulary training for in-class activities. Teachers can create an account for free and create their own vocabulary lists which the students can use. They can also invite their students into a group to give them online tasks or provide them with exercises.

BBC Active Languages
Downloadable worksheets, guides and activities.

BBC Languages
Language facts, words and phrases, Russian alphabet.

Learn Russian Free
Grammar and vocabulary for various topics.


Alpha Dictionary
Grammar guide for the alphabet, grammar structures and conjugations.

Study Languages Online
Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and reading. Verious topics that can be used and exploited by teachers.

Russian Flagship
List of various language learning and language teaching resources.

Russian for Free
Grammar tables and activities, music videos, cartoons, vocabulary exercises.


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