Language Course Reviews

Our students’ feedback enables us to monitor and maintain the quality of our language courses, ensure they are getting the most out of their course, and help new students choose the right course for them. As such our language course reviews are invaluable to us and you. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send us their comments. You can read some of them below.

April 2015 Language Course Reviews

Shelley, Spanish Beginner 2 in Liverpool

“Immersive learning is intensive and like being thrown in at the deep end, but very effective!

Covered a variety of topics as well as going in depth on grammar use, pronunciation, etc. More written and listening work than the Beginner 1 course, which was very helpful.

[The Teaching was] Excellent – our teacher was patient, encouraging, explained everything clearly, incorporated individual needs and made classes fun.

We had everything we needed and were provided with any additional materials we asked for.

I couldn’t believe how much I learned in the Beginner 1 course, and the Beginner 2 course has built on that much more than I expected. I feel that I have learned a great deal in a short time and I am much more confident in my abilities.”

Ambreen, Turkish Beginner 1 in London Holborn

“A great introductory course. Harika was a great teacher, it was obvious she cared about the student’s learning and made the lessons engaging and well planned. The course was exactly what I was looking for and the teacher made sure we all understood. I feel I made good progress, more than I expected.”

Joanna, German Beginner 1 in London Russell Square

“Peggy was fantastic. We had various exercises each lesson. I found her very easy to talk to and very helpful. She is a great teacher. I have learnt a lot. From grammar, vocabulary, lots of reading and writing too. I think I’m well prepared for the next level and I wish it would be with Peggy again.”

Bibi, French Beginner 1 in Liverpool

“My Tutor was very good, and very firm, I’ve made lots of improvement, now I can go to Paris on my own and be able to communicate.”

Ben, Japanese Beginner 1 in Manchester

“The course was well planned out with a good amount of work set each week. Nicholas is a very good teacher. Good teaching style. Definitely knows his stuff. Makes lessons enjoyable. I feel that thanks to the course I now have a solid starting point for continuing to learn Japanese.”

Paul, Portuguese Beginner 1 in Manchester

“Very effective and enthusiastic teaching. Sara always related our classes to everyday situations and aspects of Portuguese culture where relevant, which made the course interesting and fun.”

Camille, Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner 1 in London Bond Street

“Amazing teacher. Great way to build up language skills. A lot of practice and repetitions for every one. Really enjoyed it!”

Tabara, French Beginner 1 in London Bond Street

“Tabara is very patient and an excellent teacher. Hope to have her for our next course. Teachers can only do so much in 2 hours. Students need to do a little extra between classes to stay up to date. Tabara ensured we had homework but never piled it on us. Loved her classes.”

January 2015 Language Course Reviews

Tim, German Intermediate 1 at London Tottenham Court Road

“Great. Really good balance of grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening activities. Very very good. One of the best teachers I’ve had at Cactus – good use of course book (Menschen) and secondary course book for homework tasks (Schritte). The white board is used by Mark to great effect. Audio from Schritte used to re-inforce learning at the end of a lesson. Very effective. An excellent variety of activities – particularly the games which are very fun and encourage speaking. I really really like the games… a lot. The class is conducted nearly in 100% German – which is very very important to me. Excellent grammar overviews which aren’t overloading/too much in one lesson. Excellent use of whiteboard to write down new vocabulary/grammatical examples. A good amount of homework – not too much, not too little. Homework is very relevant to work we have recently studied in class and hence is not too hard. Beautiful location next to the British Museum. The staff at this school are very friendly and helpful. Excellent. Leticia kept me well informed about the location/teacher of the class ahead of time, as always.”

Chris, German Beginner 3 in Liverpool

“Romina puts a lot of effort into her preparation and has tailored her approach to suit the needs of the current class members. I like the fact that she speaks in German but also checks that we have understood what she has said by repeating key phrases in English. The Cactus staff have been very helpful and polite.”

Margaret, French Beginner 3 in London Russell Square

“I really can’t stress how much respect I have for Emmanuelle. She is such a conscientious and passionate teacher, and a huge assest to the Cactus team. Emma is incredibly prepared, qualified, and passionate about teaching. I love her class and find her exercises very helpful.”

Anja, Spanish Elementary 1 in Manchester

“It is getting easier and easier to speak as our vocab is increasing. I have really enjoyed this term.”


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