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5 Reasons Why Learning a Language Later in Life is Better

Whether you’re 50 or 80 (and yes, we do have 80-year-olds taking language courses!), choosing to learn a language later in life is a choice that will greatly enhance all aspects of your best years to come! Discover our 5 reasons to why learning a language later in life is better.

Learning a Language Later in Life – 5 Reasons

1. Time

It takes time to learn a language. It takes a lot of time. While younger people struggle to fit in language learning with school, work, friends, and their social media addictions, adult learners tend to have more free time to dedicate to the activities that learning another language involves, such a reading a newspaper in the language, watching a film in the language or finding time to meet a language exchange partner. Learning a language later in life is just easier with time!

2. Money

Generally speaking, having worked hard for many years, older people tend to have a greater amount of disposable income later in life. Which means one-to-one classes to speed up progression are affordable, and going on that language holiday abroad to Florence, and then perhaps even taking another one to Venice, are options that are within their budget.

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3. Motivation

If you plan to buy a second home abroad, want to enjoy fine art in Tuscany, plan to retire on Spanish shores or have just always wanted to learn a language, the sense of motivation that these goals bring are priceless. In order to be successful at language learning having lots of motivation is key to staying focussed and becoming fluent.

4. Healthy Mind

There is a vast amount of research and a plethora of scientific studies that prove the cognitive benefits of learning a second language. This research indicates that language learning also contributes to slowing down and even staving off the onset of dementia. Cactus Language evening courses were featured on the BBC National News in 2017 for this very reason. Learning another language keeps your mind active, engaged and healthy.

5. Meet Like-Minded People

Taking one of our 50+ courses is a fantastic way to meet people who have similar interests, goals, and ambitions. Regardless of age it’s great to be able to mix socially with people who have a similar out-look, with whom you have empathy and who enjoy the same things that you do.

Find out more about studying a language with Cactus as someone over 50 in our interview with student Helen O’Brian.

Learning a Language Later in Life - 5 Reasons

Next Steps to Learn a Language

So, where do you start? Learning a language nowadays is a fun and social activity that can take place right on your doorstep. At Cactus we offer language courses for over 25 languages with qualified teachers. Classes take place online and in schools across the UK, including Edinburgh, Leeds and London. We also offer private language classes and corporate language training. Start your free trial with Cactus!

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