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6 Good Reasons to Start the New Year with an Evening Language Course

Whether you want to improve your job prospects, communicate with your partner’s family, or get prepared for travels and adventure, now is the time to take a language course. Therefore, we have listed 6 good reasons to start the new year with an evening language course. Get the new starting the right way with a language course in January.

6 Good Reasons to Start the New Year with an Evening Language Course

Take a Night Off from the Pub

If, like the rest of the population, you have overindulged this festive season, you owe it to yourself to take an evening off from the pub. By taking a weekday evening language course you can avoid all such temptation and have an educational and fun evening with your language teacher and classmates instead!

Make Yourself More Employable

With the uncertainties of Brexit and the possibilities for international trade deals across the globe, more and more employers are looking for candidates with additional language skills. Taking a Cactus evening language class is one more step towards achieving that dream job.

Become a Multi-lingual Travel Adventurer and Freelancer

Whilst in the thick of winter you can plan your next holiday around the language of your choice: why not practice Spanish in Costa Rica? Or French in Martinique? Even better, with the rise in flexible working hours, flexible working terms and a strong desire for many to work from the location of their choice why not plan a working holiday, making sure you equip yourself with the necessary language skills to survive in your location of choice? Working from the beach anyone?

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Show Off your Foreign Language Film Knowledge

2018 promises a stellar list of foreign language film nominations in the Oscars, and there’s no better way to appreciate these films than with an understanding of the language and culture. Watch out for “A Fantastic Woman” (Chile) “Loveless” (Russia) “In The Fade” (Germany) “The Square” (Sweden) “The Insult” (Lebanon).

Get a Higher IQ

Don’t let your brain sit dormant over winter – language learning in actual fact makes you cleverer. It has been proven that learning a language boosts cognitive development in areas such as mental flexibility, creativity, problem-solving and reasoning. It has also been shown to delay the onset of dementia. Learning a language has been proven to have positive effects on your mental health and sense of well-being.

Have a Goal to get Through the Winter

Let’s face it, January can be a bit depressing. The Christmas indulgence is over, the days are short, dark and cold. If there was ever a time to take an evening course it’s now. Having a goal such as learning a language will give you a sense of achievement and make the winter weeks pass more quickly.

Next Steps to Learn a Language

Are you interested in learning a language? At Cactus we offer language courses for over 25 languages with qualified teachers. Classes take place online and in schools across the UK, including CambridgeEdinburgh and London. We also offer private language classes and corporate language training. Start your free trial with Cactus!

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