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7 Reasons to Study Spanish in Buenos Aires

Are you interested in studying Spanish in Buenos Aires? From the vibrant cultural scene to the delicious food, there are many reasons to learn Spanish and explore Buenos Aires. Discover 7 reasons to study Spanish in Buenos Aires.

7 Reasons to Study Spanish in Buenos Aires

1. Portenos

This is the name given to the people of Buenos Aires. They are friendly, out-going, helpful and always available to practise your Spanish with you and teach you some of the local expressions.

2. History and Politics

The Guerra Sucia (Dirty War) when 30,000 plus citizens disappeared under the military dictatorship, and the enigma that made Eva Peron (Evita) a national hero are just two examples of the fascinating history and politics that are illustrated throughout this city.

3. The Steak and Wine

Steak and wine. Buenos Aires is the best place in the world for steak as the most steakhouse intense city, quality is more important than quantity despite the Argentines eating more beef per capita than any other citizenry on earth. And what better to go with all that red meat than the world class famous Argentine Malbec.

4. Tango

The rhythm and soundtrack to Buenos Aires. The iconic dance and musical forms are part of the fabric of BA life. Experience Sunday night milonga in San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego and dancing cheek-to-cheek with a distinguished-looking stranger.

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5. Polo and Football

Long regarded as a sport for the elite and possibly the world’s oldest sport, you can experience a piece of polo for yourself in Buenos Aires. The sport is played between September and November and tickets are available for the elite and non-elite alike. Another sporting must-see is the Boca Juniors Bombonera stadium. And there is no experience more thrilling and visceral that watching Maradona’s beloved team play their arch rivals River Plate.

6. Check Out the Rest of Argentina

There are so many inspiring, incredible destinations in Argentina and Buenos Aires is the perfect base from which to explore for weekend trips or longer getaways.

7. Win a Language Course in Buenos Aires with Cactus

Cactus is giving you the change to study Spanish in Buenos Aires by offering a FREE 1-week Spanish course of 20 lessons with partner school Expanish, combined with accommodation in a single room in a shared apartment. The prize must be taken during 2016. Please see here to enter.

Next Steps to Learn Spanish

Before checking of your list all the 7 reasons to study Spanish in Buenos Aires, prepare yourself with some knowledge of Spanish! At Cactus we offer Spanish language classes with qualified teachers. Classes take place online and in schools across the UK, including Edinburgh, Leeds and London. We also offer private language classes and corporate language training. Start your free trial with Cactus!

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