Arabic Courses London Victoria

Group Arabic Courses London Victoria

Our 10-week Arabic courses London Victoria are held at our centrally located school, which is just a short walk from the Victoria transport hub.

We recommend all of our Arabic learners in London take our free, user-friendly online Arabic level test before you book your class.

You can also check the course content with our Arabic course outline and as most of our courses require a course book; please check our Arabic Course Materials page to know which course book to buy.

Arabic Courses London Victoria: Key Facts

Course Length: 10 Weeks, 20 hours tuition

Time: 6.30 to 8.30pm, once per week (check course start date)

Class Size: Minimum 4, average 6, maximum 12

Classrooms: Well-equipped and spacious

Teachers: Experienced, qualified, native/bilingual speakers

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What Type of Arabic do we Teach in London?

Our teachers teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for reading and writing, which is understood across the Middle East and Arabic speaking countries. However, MSA is not generally used for verbal communication and there are a number of different types of Arabic as each region or area has its own dialect, accent and differences.

We have Levantine Arabic, Saudi Arabic, Gulf Arabic (including Eastern Saudi and Iraq) and Egyptian Arabic. Levantine Arabic is recognised as the most widely understood across all the Arabic speaking countries, followed by Egyptian Arabic.

We have a number of different teachers teaching different types of Arabic. If you have a specific requirement please get in contact with us and we will ensure you are placed in the correct class for your language learning goals.

For more information on any of our Arabic courses London, or just general advice on Arabic language learning, please call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. For more information about our private tuition and immersion courses please check our Arabic Courses page.

Private Arabic Courses

Cactus offers Group Evening Arabic Language Courses across the UK and private and corporate Arabic language tuition throughout the world. Our private Arabic language tuition is delivered in your place of work, home or over Skype, at the time and days of your choice for maximum flexibility.



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