Cantonese Course Materials

Cantonese Language Course Materials

The 10-week Cactus Cantonese courses are structured around a Cantonese language course book. The Cactus teachers will use the course book activities and exercises in class, and may also use the course book to set homework. The course book will be used approximately 60% of the time, with the other 40% made up of activities and tasks sourced by the teacher from additional resources. Your teacher will use their own materials, practice activities from other books, and authentic materials from newspapers, magazines, the internet, video, radio, and podcasts. On this page you can check which course book you need to purchase for your level. We also offer our top tips on how to make the most of your course book.

Level Book ISBN
Beginner 1 Complete Cantonese (Units 1-8) 9781473600829
Beginner 2 Complete Cantonese (Units 9-17) 9781473600829
Beginner 3 Complete Cantonese (Units 18-26) 9781473600829
Elementary 1 Teach Yourself Complete Cantonese (Units 11 – 14) 9781473600829
Elementary 2 Teach Yourself Complete Cantonese (Units 15 – 17) 9781473600829
Elementary 3 Teach Yourself Complete Cantonese (Units 18 – 20) 9781473600829
Intermediate 1 Teach Yourself Complete Cantonese (Units 21 – 25) 9781473600829
Intermediate 2 Teacher’s Own Materials N/A
Intermediate 3 Teacher’s Own Materials N/A
Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Own Materials N/A
Advanced Teacher’s Own Materials N/A
Proficient Teacher’s Own Materials N/A


Where to Buy your Book

Cactus works with the European Book Shop in central London to ensure that all the course books we use are available for our students to purchase. There is a 10% discount with the European Book Shop for Cactus students. You may also find your course book on Amazon.

How to Book your Course

If you haven’t yet booked your Cantonese evening course, check our offers page for our latest discounts, and book your course here.

Helpful Course Information

Free Cantonese Level Test
Cantonese Course Outline
Language Course Questions
Free Online Cantonese Resources
Cactus Teacher Profiles

For more information on any of our courses, or just general advice on language learning, please call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Language Holidays Abroad

Cactus also offers Cantonese language holidays in Hong Kong.


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