Essential Portuguese Expressions

essential Portuguese expressions


Essential Portuguese Expressions

If you’re off on holiday to Portugal or Brazil this summer, or are just taking a short weekend break, you will want to have these useful expressions in your pocket.

Hello OlA? (olah)
Goodbye Tchau (chaoh)a�?
Please Por favora�?
Thank you Obrigado (obrigahdu)a�?
Yes Sim (simng)
No NA?o (nowng)a�?
Excuse me/sorrya�? Desculpe / perdA?o (des-cool-peh)a�?
My name is…a�? O meu nome A�… (oh meoh nomay ay)a�?
What is your name?a�? Qual A� o seu nome? (kwah-ooh eh seh-ooh noh-mee)
Nice to meet youa�? Muito prazer (mweeng tu prazair)a�?
Where do you come from?a�? De onde vocA? vem? (jee ohn-jee voh-seh vem)
a�?I come from Great Britain Eu sou da GrA? Bretanha
How are you?a�? Como vai? / Com vai vocA?? (comu vay)a�?
Where is…?a�? Onde estA?…?
I would like (2 bottles of water) Eu gostaria (de duas garrafas de A?gua)a�?
How much is it?a�? Quanto A� isso?
How do I get to…?a�? Como eu chego A�…?
I dona��t understanda�? Eu nA?o entendo (naw en-tehn-doo)a�?
I’m sorry, I dona��t speak Portuguesea�? Eu sinto muito, eu nA?o falo portuguA?s (non par-lo ee-tahl-ee-ah-no)
Do you speak English? VocA? fala inglA?s? (vossay fah-la een-glaysh)


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