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Top Danish Football Phrases

Top Danish Football Phrases

The Danish men’s football national team is about to take part in the UEFA Euro 2024. Fodbold, as they call it, is Denmark’s favourite sport. Ever wondered how Danish fans cheer on their team? From gult kort (yellow card) to mål (goal) there are many football phrases in Danish you can learn. Discover over 25 Danish football phrases so you can join the fun next time you watch a Danish match.

Danish Football Phrases:

To play footballAt spille fodbold
BallKuglen / Bold
To pass the ballAt aflevere bolden
To runAt løbe
GoalMål / Kasse
Kick / ShotSpark
To knock downAt tackler
To missAt misse
PenaltyStraffe / Straffespark
Yellow cardGult kort
Red cardRødt kort
Extra timeForlænget spilletid
Come on!Heja!
To winAt vinde
To loseAt tabe

Understanding Danish football phrases can be tricky, even for fans! There are many expressions that only make sense with context, such as:

  • Schmeichel er en mur! (Schmeichel is a wall!) – a classic chant praising a legendary Danish goalkeeper
  • Hutlihut! – a Danish celebratory cheer

Knowing Danish is an advantage as it shares its roots with other Scandinavian languages such as Norwegian and Swedish. You will be able to progress faster and Danish is amongst the easiest languages for English speakers to learn.

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