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Essential Spanish Expressions

essential Spanish expressions


Essential Spanish Expressions

If you’re off on holiday to Spain or a Spanish speaking country this summer, or are just taking a short weekend break, you will want to have these useful expressions in your pocket.

Hello Hola (oh-lah)
Goodbye AdiA?s (ah-dee-ohs) a�?
Please Por favor (por fah-bor)a�?
Thank you Gracias (grah-see-ahs) a�?
Yes SA� (see)
No No (no) a�?
Excuse me/sorrya�? Disculpe/Perdone (dees-kool-peh / pehr-dohnay)a�?
My name is…a�? Mi nombre es/Me llamoa�� (mee nohm-breh ess/may yah-moh) a�?
What is your name?a�? A?CA?mo te llamas? (koh-moh tay yah-mahs)
Nice to meet youa�? Encantado/a (en-cahn-tah-doh/da) a�?
Where do you come from?a�? A?De dA?nde eres? (day dohn-day eh-rehs)a�?a�?
a�?I come from Great Britain Soy de Gran BretaA�a
How are you?a�? A?QuA� tal estA?s? ( (kay tahl ay-stahs) a�?
Where is…?a�? A?DA?nde estA?a��? (dohn-deh eh-stah) a�?
I would like (2 bottles of water) Me gustarA�a / A?Me puede dar? (dos botellas de agua)a�?
How much is that?a�? A?CuA?nto cuesta esto?
How do I get to…?a�? A?CA?mo puedo ir aa��? a�?
I dona��t understanda�? No (lo) entiendo (noh (loh) ehn-tyen-doh)a�?
Ia��m sorry, I dona��t speak Spanisha�? Lo siento, no hablo espaA�ol (loh see-ehn-toh noh ah-bloh eh-spahn-yol)
Do you speak English? A?Hablas inglA�s? (ah-blahs een-glehs)


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