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There are so many free online resources that it is sometimes difficult to know which ones to use, and to identify which ones are good. Cactus has carefully assessed the wide range of free language learning resources available online to provide you with a selection of our most recommended, useful and reliable sources of information for learning Hindi. These can be used as a helpful support to language learning whilst taking one of our face-to-face Hindi courses.

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Hindi-English Dictionary
A Hindi-English free online dictionary accepting Roman letters input or Devanagari input.


Virtual Hindi
Virtual Hindi is a website hosted by New York University and includes useful Hindi grammar lessons.


Language Guide
Language Guide is a project helping Hindi learners to build their vocabulary using an image and sound dictionary.

Quizlet is a fun and simple website and mobile app which will help you develop your Hindi vocabulary using flash cards.

Cram has a large list of flash cards to help you learn new Hindi words. It also has a mobile app, so you can memorise Hindi vocabulary anywhere anytime.

Devanagari script

Avashy Hindi Script Tutor
This Devanagari Script Tutor will help Hindi language students to familiarise themselves wit the Devanagari script.

Lexilogos offers an online Devanagari keyboard which will help you type in Hindi.

Useful phrases

Loecsen lists very useful basic words and phrases for those looking to traveling to India.

News in Hindi

BBC Hindi
The BBC has a Hindi news section. Reading news in Hindi on a daily-basis is a great way to practice the language as well as to gain an insight in the events unfolding in India.


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