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Would you like to participate in a group online Spanish lesson and improve your Spanish free of charge? We are asking a select number of our beginner level Spanish language learners to join our free group online Spanish class on Tuesday 26th September 6.30pm to 7.30pm. During the lesson, you will learn more about the differences between ser and estar, how they are used and when to use them. This lesson is offered free of charge and serves to complement your face to face course. Please enter your details below to sign up and confirm your attendance.

What will I learn during the lesson?

The lesson will be focussed on the differences between the verbs ser and estar, a grammar point beginner Spanish learners often find tricky. By the end of the lesson, you will be more familiar with the uses of these two key verbs.

How will the lesson take place?

The lesson will take place via our new user-friendly online platform. You will log on and be joined by up to 9 other beginner level Spanish language learners and also your teacher, Javier. Javier is one of our most experienced Spanish teachers. If you have ever used Skype or Facetime, you will notice our platform is not so different, except you will not be using your webcam. Specifically designed to teach groups online, our platform offers a comprehensive range of functions that support teaching and learning, including a virtual whiteboard and advanced chat features. After the lesson, we will send you a short questionnaire to complete about your experience and to give us your feedback. We are inviting you to participate, free of charge, as part of the lead up to launching our new platform.

What do I need to attend the lesson?

You simply need a computer connected to the internet, a microphone and headsets. Please also make sure Adobe Flash is enabled and that you are in a quiet environment with no or little background noise. Once you have signed up, you will receive your login details and the link to access the platform. Simply log in just before 6.30 on the 26th September and start learning!

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