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Top French Football Phrases

Top French Football Phrases

Allez les Bleus! is certainly going to be chanted a lot during the UEFA Euro 2024. It simply means “Go Blues!” and it’s a fan’s favourite. One of the first things you should learn if you are supporting the men’s French national football team. French is also the official language of two other nations taking part in the UEFA Euro 2024 and many others that participate in the World Cup. From passer le ballon (pass the ball) to carton rouge (red card) there are many essential football phrases in French to learn. Discover over 25 top French football phrases and get ready to cheer alongside fans.

French Football Phrases:

To play footballJouer au football
To pass the ballPasser le ballon
To runCourir
Kick / ShotCoup franc
To knock downAbattre
To missManquer
Yellow cardCarton jaune
Red cardCarton rouge
Extra timeProlongation
Come on!Allez!
GoalkeeperGardien de but
MidfielderMilieu de terrain
To winGagner
To losePerdre

Understanding the lingo is key to support your favourite French-speaking team and fully immerse yourself in the sport. Are you ready to get into the game with these top football phrases in French? Along learning these expressions learn the essential holiday phrases and the top French phrases.

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Whether you are planning a trip to France or simply want to impress your mates, learning some key French football phrases is a sure-fire way to elevate your fandom. Do you dream of discussing the beautiful game with the likes of Zidane and Mbappé? Start learning French and get ready to discover the beauty of this romance language spoken in over 25 countries. You can learn French online with Cactus or at one of our language centres across the UK. We offer French courses in Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Manchester. Alternatively, you can learn it with our private French classes wherever you are. Start your free trial with Cactus.

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