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Why Going Solo is Better for Language Learning

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I was never going to go.
If I waited for someone to come with me.

Of course it’s natural to feel a little nervous when taking a trip abroad on your own, however, travelling solo can bring some of the best experiences of your life – and it can also be a great way to accelerate your language learning.

Step Up, Speak Up

Travelling alone means that you do not have a companion to speak on your behalf. And this is great news when it comes to travelling abroad and learning a new language. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you have many excellent opportunities to practise with the locals – at the train station, in restaurants and cafes, and in the shops and markets. More often that not, if you are travelling alone the locals will want to have a little chat with you. Of course, your safety should be paramount, but as long as you employ common sense at all times there is no better way to gain confidence in the foreign language.

New Friends, Like-Minded Friends

If you are travelling alone and taking a language course you are more than likely to meet like-minded people from all over the world. You are likely to meet people with whom your common language is the local language, or you may decide together that you will only speak in the local language. This situation multiplies your opportunities for practise and learning and gives you the chance for lots of language practise outside of the classroom – which is nearly impossible if you are travelling with a first-language sharing friend from home.

Your Trip, Your Choices

As a solo traveller you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. If you choose to go out with your friends from your language school you can. But equally, if you prefer to stay in, watch a film in the language you are learning, listen to music in the language you are learning, or simply read the dictionary, you can. It’s up to you what you do and sometimes it can be a great feeling knowing that you do not have to consider anyone else’s preferences when it comes to chosing how you spend your time.

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