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How to Say ‘Good Luck’ in 25 Languages

Whether you are traveling or meeting new friends, knowing how to say “Good Luck” in multiple languages is a handy and heartfelt skill. From the unique “veel geluk” in Dutch to the familiar “buena suerte” in Spanish, there are many to discover. Expressing well-wishes across different cultures can be both a delightful and enriching experience. Learn how to say ‘Good Luck’ in 25 languages and start sharing goodwill no matter where you are.

Good Luck in 25 Languages – From Arabic to German to Ukrainian:

Good luck in Arabic: بالتوفيق (Bit-tawfīq)

Good luck in Cantonese: 祝你好運 (Jūk néih hóuwahn)

Good luck in Catalan: Bona sort

Good luck in Croatian: Sretno

Good luck in Czech: Hodně štěstí

Good luck in Danish: Held og lykke

Good luck in Dutch: Veel geluk / Succes

Good luck in French: Bonne chance

Good luck in German: Viel Glück / Alles Gute

Good luck in Greek: Καλὴ τύχη (Kalí tíhi)

Good luck in Hebrew: בהצלחה (Behatslacha)

Good luck in Hindi: शुभ कामनाएँ (Shubh kaamnaayein)

Good luck in Italian: Buona fortuna

Good luck in Japanese: ご幸運を祈ります (gokoūn o inorimasu)

Good luck in Korean: 행운을 빌어요 (haeng un eul bil eo yo)

Good luck in Mandarin (Chinese): 祝你好運 (zhù nǐ háoyùn)

Good luck in Norwegian: Lykke til

Good luck in Polish: Powodzenia

Good luck in Portuguese: Boa sorte

Good luck in Russian: Удачи (Udachi)

Good luck in Spanish: Buena suerte

Good luck in Swedish: Lycka till

Good luck in Thai: ขอให้โชคดี! (kŏr hâi chôhk dee)

Good luck in Turkish: İyi şanslar

Good luck in Ukrainian: Щасти вам/тобі (Ščasty vam/tobi)

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Learning how to say ‘Good Luck’ in 25 languages is more than just a fun linguistic exercise – it’s a way to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. With these 25 phrases under your belt, you can wish someone “Good Luck” no matter where they’re headed. A thoughtful message in their native tongue can go a long way. Go a bit further and learn how to say ‘Hello‘, ‘I Love You‘ or ‘Welcome‘ in multiple languages.

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