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20 Essential Holiday Phrases in German

Are you planning a trip to Germany for the UEFA Euro 2024? Or, perhaps you are looking to visit Berlin, Vienna or the Bavarian Alps. If you are planning to go on holidays to a Germany-speaking country, learning a few essential phrases is key. German is the official language of 6 different countries across Europe including Austria and Switzerland. Learning a few phrases in German can make a long way and locals will appreciate your efforts. Before you next trip or match, learn some of these 20 essential holiday phrases in German.

Holiday Phrases in German:

GoodbyeAuf Wiedersehen/ Tschüss (informal)
Thank youDanke
Excuse me / SorryEntschuldigung
My name is …Ich heisse …
What is your name?Wie heissen Sie?
Nice to meet youSchön Sie kennenzulernen
Where do you come from?Woher kommen Sie?
I came from …Ich komme aus …
How are you?Wie geht es Ihnen?
Where is …?Wo ist …?
I would like …Ich möchte …
How much is that?Wieviel kostet das?
How do I get to …?Wie komme ich zum (m/n)/zur(f) …?
I don’t understandIch vestehe nicht
I’m sorry, I don’t speak GermanEs tut mir leid, ich spreche kein Deutsch
Do you speak English?Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Learning these 20 essential German travel phrases will enhance your travel experience. Will not only make your trip smoother but also show your respect for the local culture and language.

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Now that you know the holiday phrases in German it may be time to start learning German. You can start learning German online or in one of our language centres across the UK. We offer German language classes in Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Manchester. Alternatively, you can learn it with our private German classes. Start your free trial.

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