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20 Essential Holiday Phrases in Italian

20 Essential Holiday Phrases in Italian

Are you thinking of la dolce vita? Or dreaming of exploring the Amalfi Coast? Or perhaps of discovering the beauty of Florence? If you are planning to go on holidays to Italy, learn these 20 essential holiday phrases in Italian before catching a flight. Learning Italian can make a trip to this beautiful country of gelato and pasta the experience of a lifetime. A great way to discover the best that Italy has to offer.

Holiday Phrases in Italian:

PleasePer favore
Thank youGrazie
Excuse me / SorryMi scusi / Scusa
My name is …Mi chiamo …
What is your name?Come ti chiami?
Nice to meet youPiacere
Where do you come from?Di dove sei? / Da dove vieni?
I came from …Sono di … / Vengo da
How are you?Come stai?
Where is …?Dove si trova…?
I would like …Vorrei …
How much is that?Quanto costa?
How do I get to …?Come arrivo a …?
I don’t understandNon capisco
I’m sorry, I don’t speak ItalianMi scusi, non parlo italiano
Do you speak English?Parli inglese?

Learn these 20 essential Italian travel phrases before travelling to Italy. A great way to make sure you make the most of dolce far niente.

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