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Overcoming Challenges in Adult Language Acquisition

How to Get a Good Grade in Your Language A Level

Get the Grade you Want in A-Level French or Spanish

Don’t Procrastinate

If you’re determined to get into your first choice of university now is the time to start working hard. Leaving it to the last minute and cramming just before the exams generally doesn’t work. But, if you prepare enough now and in the approaching months, come results day in August, you will be glad you did.

Take a Half-Term Revision Course

Half-term is the perfect time to go on holiday and improve your Spanish or French, all at the same time. Our French A Level revision courses in Montpellier, Paris, Morzine and Rouen will enable you to accelerate your revision whilst at the same time have a break from the library or your bedroom. You can also take a Spanish A Level revision course in Seville.

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Chat Online

Chatting on line in Spanish or French with a native speaker is almost the equivalent to a revision session. Exposure and familiarisation of the language and structures will help your understanding for the exams. Just be aware that some of the vocabulary and grammar being used will be colloquial and very informal, and therefore not necessarily the same as the language you will be expected to understand and use in the exams.

Put the Subtitles On

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Homeland – whatever you are watching don’t forget to put the subtitles on. You can pick up new vocabulary and reinforce grammar structures whilst enjoying your favourite programme.

Next Steps to Learn a Language

Are you interested in improving your language skills? At Cactus we offer language courses for over 25 languages with qualified teachers. Classes take place online and in schools across the UK, including BrightonLondon and Manchester. We also offer private language classes and corporate language training. Start your free trial with Cactus!

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