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Group Italian Courses Manchester: Learn Italian in Manchester

Italian Courses Manchester are moving online (until further notice).

Our 10-week Italian courses Manchester are held at our centrally located school. Cactus offers many Italian lessons in Manchester throughout the year. The school is on Newton Street and just a short walk from the Manchester Piccadilly train station. The school is well-equipped and the classrooms are specifically designed for language learning.

Our Italian Courses Manchester are immersive and interactive. Your teacher will be a native or bilingual speaker and you will start speaking Italian with confidence from the very first Italian lesson. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed but focused, and the classroom activities are designed to keep you engaged and motivated throughout the course.


Italian Courses Manchester – Key Facts

Course Length: 10 Weeks, 20 hours tuition, once per week (2 hours per week)
Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm, once per week (check course start date)
Class Size: Minimum 4, average 6, maximum 12
Classrooms: Well-equipped and spacious
Teachers: Experienced, qualified, native/bilingual Italian speakers
Content: Italian courses outline
Course Materials: Italian course books (not included)
Check: Cactus Language Terms and Conditions

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Book Your 10-Week Italian Course Manchester:

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10 Week CourseItalianBeginner 106 Oct to 08 DecTuesday6:30-8:30pm£190 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianBeginner 108 Oct to 10 DecThursday6:30-8.30pm£190 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianBeginner 207 Oct to 09 DecWednesday6.30-8.30pm£190 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianBeginner 308 Oct to 10 DecThursday6:30-8.30pm£190 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianElementary 106 Oct to 08 DecTuesday6:30-8:30pm£210 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianElementary 107 Oct to 09 DecWednesday6:30-8:30pm£190 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianElementary 107 Oct to 09 DecWednesday6:30-8:30pm£210 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianElementary 108 Oct to 10 DecThursday6:30-8:30pm£210 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianElementary 206 Oct to 08 DecTuesday6.30-8.30pm£190 Book now »
10 Week CourseItalianElementary 208 Oct to 10 DecThursday6:30-8:30pm£190 Book now »


Other Italian Course Options in Manchester

Cactus offers a wide range of Italian lessons in Manchester. If you prefer to learn Italian online, Cactus also offers 10-week, 5-week and one-week online Italian courses which are taught by the same qualified teachers as our face-to-face courses.

Online Courses         One-Week Italian Courses         5-Week Italian Courses


More Information on Our Italian Lessons in Manchester

For more information on any of our Italian lessons in Manchester, or just general advice on language learning, please contact us or call us on 01273 830 960. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Useful links before your book one of our Italian courses Manchester:

Italian Courses Outline
Language Course Questions
Check Your Italian Level
Italian Language Resources
Italian Teachers Profiles



Private Italian Lessons in Manchester

Cactus offers a range of options for Italian private lessons in Manchester. You can choose one-to-one classes if you prefer online and tailored Italian lessons that suit your schedule and location in Manchester. For more information please visit our private tuition and corporate language training division.



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