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The Wedding Season: Love and Language

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The Pros and Cons of Learning your Partner’s Language

Summer in the UK means a couple of things: Pimms, cricket, rain and lots of weddings. If you, like many of our evening course language learners, have a partner whose first language you do not share, you may want to consider both the pros and cons of learning their language.

1. The Family

Not knowing your partner’s first language may mean that you are unable to communicate with their parents and family. This can be either a pro or a con depending on whether you like the family or not. Gestures and sign language can always be resorted to in an emergency, however, it is preferable that you are able to at the very minimum exchange pleasantries with the family members of your better half.

2. Secrets

When you cannot speak the mother tongue of your partner you are often left wondering what exactly your partner is saying when they are speaking to friends and family in the other language. Even if you implicitly trust your partner it is natural to wonder – what is he/she saying? Is he/she saying nice things about me? Conversely, if you’re partner does not speak your first language it’s much easier to keep that surprise birthday party a surprise.

3. Culture

Learning a language also involves learning about the culture of the language – and the culture of your partner. Learning about your partner in this way will be appreciated by your partner and not only that, you are likely to come to a greater understanding of your partner and where they come from.

4. Feelings

People often feel the urge to use their mother tongue when it comes to emotional or sensitive situations. At this point communication can break down when two people do not share the same first language. By learning your partner’s first language you will have a higher level of intimacy and empathy with your partner.

5. Options

When you speak the language of your partner your options of where you can live and work together greatly increase. This will give you both flexibility with regards to your careers, travel, visas and starting a family. Generally speaking, the more options you have as a couple to be happy together the better!

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