Online Swedish Courses

Online Swedish Courses

Cactus Online Swedish Courses deliver the same benefits as face-to-face courses via a virtual classroom experience. Our online Swedish classes are taught by the same qualified and experienced teachers as our face-to-face courses, and are delivered using our proven method. Learn Swedish online with our online Swedish courses, from beginners to advanced and improve your Swedish wherever you are in the UK.

Small class sizes

✅ Fully qualified Swedish teachers

✅ Learn from anywhere in the UK

✅ Interactive and engaging classes

✅ End of course certificate on completion


Online Swedish Language Courses – Key Facts

Frequency: 20 hours, 10 weeks (2 hours, once a week), 5 weeks (2 hours, twice a week)
Days: One or two weekday evenings per week (Monday to Thursday)
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm (UK time)
Class Size: Average 6, maximum 10
Teachers: Experienced, qualified, native/bilingual Swedish speakers
Content: Online Swedish courses outline
Course Materials: Swedish course materials (not included)
FAQs: Online courses FAQs
Check: Cactus Language Terms and Conditions

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Book Your Online Swedish Course

Take the Swedish Level Test Choose a Class and Time. Start Your Online Swedish Course.

10 Week CourseSwedishBeginner 118 Jan to 22 MarTuesday6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishBeginner 105 Apr to 07 JunTuesday6:30-8:30pm£255 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishBeginner 107 Apr to 16 JunThursday6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishBeginner 218 Jan to 22 MarTuesday6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishElementary 106 Apr to 08 JunWednesday6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishElementary 107 Apr to 18 Jan6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishElementary 107 Apr to 09 JunThursday6:30-8:30pm£255 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishElementary 217 Jan to 21 MarMonday6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishElementary 320 Jan to 24 MarThursday6.30-8.30pm£235 Book now »
10 Week CourseSwedishIntermediate 106 Apr to 08 JunWednesday6:30-8:30pm£255 Book now »



How to Learn Swedish Online?

Whether you are looking to learn Swedish to do business in Sweden, travel, or for personal interest, our online Swedish courses will help you develop your Swedish skills. You will participate in the same activities that are used in our face-to-face courses, such as pair work and group work, teacher-student correction slots, speaking and communication activities, quizzes, games, reading skills and listening skills practice and grammar practice.

Cactus Swedish online courses are offered at 6 core levels in accordance with the Common European Framework (CEFR). You can take our free online Swedish level test to determine the appropriate level for you. You can also find the full online Swedish course outlines here. Are you a beginner? Find out more about our Beginners Language Courses.


How Virtual Classrooms Work

Our virtual classrooms are hosted using an online platform which replicates the face-to-face environment. This allows teachers and students to interact and enjoy language learning and teaching in an online setting. You can find out more about virtual classrooms here.

Learn more about what happens on an Online Language Class ⇒


Online Swedish Courses FAQs

Check the time and days of the classes above. Select the online Swedish course you want to join and start learning Swedish online.
Technical requirements:
– a strong internet connection;
– a device (such as laptop) with an integrated camera and mic;
– headphones;
– install the free online learning platform – Zoom.
All of our online Swedish courses follow the communicative approach. You can check the course online here to understand what is covered for each level.


Online Swedish Courses Resources

To help you get the most of your course, we have made a selection of our most recommended and reliable sources to learn Swedish online. Please check our Online Swedish Resources page.

Check our Swedish Language Facts and save your Swedish Survival Guide before your next course with Cactus.


Further Information on Online Swedish Courses

For information on our Online Swedish courses and how to learn Swedish online, check our Language Course Questions page and FAQ page, contact us or call us on 01273 830 960. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any question you may have.



Private Tuition

Cactus offers a range of options for Swedish private tuition. You can choose one-to-one classes if you prefer online and tailored Arabic lessons that suit your schedule and location. For more information please visit our private tuition and corporate language training division.


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