Teacher Profile: Czech Teacher in London

Czech Teacher London – Magdalena

🇨🇿 Magdalena, from Třebíč, Czech Republic

🇨🇿 Teaches Czech & German in London

🇨🇿 More than 10 years of experience

🇨🇿 With Cactus since 2019

🇨🇿 CELTA Qualified

🇨🇿 Masters degree in Applied Linguistics

How long have you been teaching for and how long for Cactus?

I have been teaching for more than ten years. I have worked with children and adults in several countries, in grammar schools, primary schools, company courses, refugee centres, and summer camps. I enjoy the variety that comes with the job. I have been teaching for Cactus since 2019

How long have you been living in the UK?

I have been living in the UK for about ten years.

What is your degree and teaching experience?

I studied languages and literature in Germany, Sweden and the UK. I have a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and I’m CELTA qualified.

Where were you born and what is the city famous for?

Although I was not born there, I’ve spent an important part of my life in Třebíč, a small town situated between Prague and Vienna. Not very well known but home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, a Christian Basilica and a Jewish quarter, it’s well worth a visit.

Is there a typical food of your native country and is there a special occasion when most families eat?

My favourite Czech food is bramboráky – grated potato pancakes with lots of garlic and marjoram. A pub classic but it’s best when it’s home-made, especially on a cold winter day spent skiing or sledging.

Do you have any specific language learning tips?

Try to get plenty of exposure to your target language – read books and magazines, listen to music or podcasts, or watch TV series. The important thing is to find something enjoyable. If your input is fun, you spend more time on it and you’re more likely to commit to it.


I am looking forward to seeing you in my class!

Na shledanou v kurzu češtiny!


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