Teacher Profile: Danish Teacher London

Danish Teacher London – Carola

 Carola, from Horsens, Denmark

 Teaches Danish in London

 More than 3 years of language teaching experience

 With Cactus since 2019

 Degree in Teaching

 Has been living in the UK since 2018

 Currently working as a teacher in primary schools

How long have you been teaching for and how long for Cactus?

I have been teaching since 2016. I have been teaching for Cactus since 2019 in London Holborn.

How long have you been living in the UK?

I moved to the UK in September, 2018.

What is your degree and teaching experience?

I have a teaching degree from Denmark. I taught in a primary school from 2016 – 2018 in Denmark. Since 2018, I have been a supply teacher in the UK. Now I am teaching a year 3 group. I think it is important to increase knowledge within my profession as a teacher and I think the UK offers a great opportunity. It is a high priority for me to create a safe classroom environment where personal and academic development of the students can grow.

Where were you born and what is the city famous for?

I was born in Horsens, in Denmark. The city is famous for art and history, specially from the Middle Ages. Horsens is well known for its entertainment events, even The Rolling Stones and Madonna have performed there. For the annual European Medieval Festival the town is transformed into a large medieval market town.

How many languages do you speak?

I speak Danish, English and German.

Do you have any specific language learning tips?

In my opinion, focusing on communicative language learning is really important. Predicting and guessing are significant parts of the process as well, involving as much creativity and variation as possible.


I’m looking forward to meeting you and talking about Danish and Denmark! Hope to see you soon!

Farvel, vi ses!

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