Teacher Profile: French Teacher London

French Teacher London – Katryn

 Katryn, from Paris

 Teaches French in London

 Around 40 years of experience

 With Cactus for over 2 years

 MA in Japanese Language, Civilisation and Linguistics

 Translated books and articles, worked in schools as a career adviser

 Has been living in the UK for 37 years

How long have you been teaching for and how long for Cactus?

I have been teaching for 40 years – starting in Japan, then in the UK and Brazil; and I have been teaching for Cactus in London for 2 years.

How long have you been living in the UK?

I have been living in the UK for 37 years – with a 7-year gap when I lived in Brazil.

What is your degree and teaching experience?

My Masters Degree is in Japanese Language, Civilisation and Linguistics.

Have you ever worked in another field?

I have translated books and articles, but also worked in schools as a career adviser.

Where were you born and what is the city famous for?

I was born and grew up in Paris. I was very fortunate to live in the best districts, so I could enjoy what Paris had to offer in terms of culture, architecture, food and entertainment. Paris is not as big as London, so I used to walk to museums, cinemas, restaurants and cafés.

How many countries have you been to?

I have been to over 20 countries and lived in 6 countries. I learned 6 languages, but now I speak only 3 languages regularly.

What cultural custom is the country you were born in famous for?

France has a very lively culinary culture which means that most people learn to cook at home, and that children are introduced to a variety of foods very early . When I went to school, all meals had a starter (usually raw mixed salads), a main dish (usually a protein and a great variety of vegetables – no chips), and a dessert (usually a cake, or fruits). My children’s generation had an even better choice of food – with schools getting to compose menus by chefs.


I am looking forward to meeting you in my class!

Au revoir et à bientôt!

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