Teacher Profile: Spanish Teacher Brighton

Spanish Teacher Brighton – Javier

spanish teacher brighton

🇦🇷 Javier, from central Argentina

🇦🇷 Teaches standard Spanish (Castellano)

🇦🇷 Teaches for Cactus in Brighton

🇦🇷 Over 10 years experience

🇦🇷 With Cactus for about 5 years

🇦🇷 Speaks: Spanish, English, Catalan and Swedish

🇦🇷 Loves teaching as much as learning

How long have you been teaching for and how long for Cactus?

I’ve been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years and have been a Spanish teacher in Brighton for Cactus I’d say 5 years. I teach Spanish in the Cactus centre in Brighton.

How long have you been living in the UK?

I’ve been living in England for 5 years and I’m still learning everyday. 🙂

Where were you born and what is the city famous for?

I was born in Córdoba, Argentina. My city is famous for the sense of humour of its inhabitants and a kind of music which is very popular there: el cuarteto.

What is your degree and teaching experience?

I gained my degree in Philosophy from the University of Barcelona before becoming a Spanish teacher at International House, Barcelona. While teaching Spanish, I did my QTS in Spain and in the UK, became an Examiner for Instituto Cervantes London, did a CELTA Course and a few other things. I’d say I love teaching as much as learning.

Have you ever worked in another field?

I’ve had so many different jobs: I was a bartender, I sold properties, I taught Philosophy, and music

How many languages do you speak?

I speak English, Catalan, a bit of Swedish and Spanish, of course.

How many countries have you been to?

I love travelling, but to be honest, I don’t know how many countries I’ve been to. What I could say is that I’ve lived in 5 countries. Living in different countries is a great experience because you can learn a lot about the people/history/language of the place you’re living in.

Looking forward to seeing you on my course,

¡Nos vemos!



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