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Podcasts to Learn Portuguese

Podcasts to Learn Portuguese

Have you been captivated by the vibrant culture of Brazil or the rich history of Portugal? Maybe you’re language holiday and want to impress the locals with your language skills. Whatever your reason, learning Portuguese is a fantastic adventure! In your pursue to learn the language, podcasts are a dynamic way to immerse yourself in the language. Discover the best podcasts to learn Portuguese with Cactus.

Podcasts to Learn Portuguese

Top Portuguese Podcasts for Language Learners

Podcasts have become a fantastic tool for language learners. Whether you’re a beginner just starting to grasp the basics or an advanced student seeking fluency. There are podcasts that can help you learn Portuguese tailored to every level. Make sure to try different podcasts and use our tips to make the most of your learning experience.

Portuguese Podcasts for Beginners

Starting your Portuguese learning journey can be both exciting and daunting. Here are some beginner-friendly podcasts that can help you build a strong foundation:

Todo Mundo Pod

This bilingual podcast breaks down common phrases, grammar concepts, and Brazilian pop culture in a clear and engaging way. With transcripts available, you can follow along and build your foundation. Todo Mundo Pod is a great way to learn Portuguese with podcasts.


PortuguesePod101 offers structured lessons for beginners, covering essential vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights. The lessons are engaging and often include dialogues and discussions to help you get accustomed to the sound of the language.

Practice Portuguese

Practice Portuguese podcast offers unscripted dialogues and skits that capture everyday scenarios. A fun way to pick up practical language and learn Portuguese. An excellent option for beginners featuring slow and clear pronunciations.

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Portuguese Podcasts for Intermediate Learners

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to challenge yourself. It’s time, as an intermediate learner, to enhance your skills with more complex content. These intermediate-level podcasts will help you expand your vocabulary and improve comprehension:

Fala Gringo

Fala Gringo is a Brazilian podcast for intermediate learners. This dynamic podcast dives into Brazilian culture, music, and even the occasional business tip. It’s a great tool to learn about current affairs, learn the language and keep things exciting.

Lingua da Gente

Lingua da Gente offers practical lessons based on real-life conversations. The episodes are designed to help you handle everyday situations and improve your conversational skills.

Tá Falado

This podcast is perfect for Spanish speakers transitioning to Portuguese, but it’s also great for any intermediate learner. Tá Falado focuses on pronunciation and grammar differences, making it easier to understand the nuances of the language.

Podcasts to Learn Portuguese

For Advanced Learners of Portuguese

Podcasts for advanced learners of Portuguese need to push their boundaries. These podcasts are to help you immerse and expose to native-level conversations. Here are some great podcasts:

Carioca Connection

Carioca Connection is a podcast that focus on advanced learners. With emphasis on pronunciation and perspectives from both Portuguese and English speakers. A great way to learn the accent of Rio.

Speaking Brazilian

This podcast, Speaking Brazilian, focus on different conversation topics, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. It’s aimed at intermediate to advanced level language learners looking to improve their conversational skills.

Café da Manhã

Café da Manhã is a podcast for those interested in current affairs. It covers specifically the Brazilian news and politics. It’s a podcast to get used to native-level speech.

Café Brasil

Café Brasil is aimed at a general audience. The episodes offer in-depth discussions on a wide range of topics including philosophy. It’s a great way to immerse in the language and be challenged.

Tips for Maximizing Your Portuguese Learning with Podcasts

To get the most out of your Portuguese podcast experience, consider these tips:

  • Start slow – begin with beginner-friendly Portuguese podcasts and gradually progress to more advanced ones
  • Listen actively – don’t just let the podcast play in the background. Take notes, pause and repeat sections, and try to understand the context and nuances of what’s being said
  • Use transcripts – if available, follow along with transcripts. This can help you connect the spoken word with its written form, improving both your listening and reading skills
  • Repeat – listen to episodes multiple times and practice shadowing, where you repeat what you hear in real-time. This can improve your fluency
  • Engage with the content – try to discuss podcast topics with a language partner or teacher. Engaging in the conversation helps reinforce your learning
  • Supplement your learning – pair your podcast listening with other resources. Portuguese courses, textbooks, tv shows and novels will help you solidify your understanding.

Next Steps to Learn Portuguese

Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn Portuguese. You can pair it with other Portuguese resources and get ready to discover to learn the language. At Cactus we offer Portuguese language courses for all levels with qualified teachers. You can learn Portuguese online or at one of our schools across the UK. We offer classes in Brighton, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Manchester. Alternatively, start learning with our private Portuguese classes. Start your free trial with Cactus.

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