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Top Portuguese Football Phrases

Top Portuguese Football Phrases

Portuguese-speaking teams are competing in many major football championships, from World Cup to UEFA Euro 2024. If you are watching a match and want to support a team is good to know a few top Portuguese football phrases. If you are off to Germany to support Portugal in the UEFA Euro 2024 then learn these key phrases. From golo! (goal!) to falta (foul) there are many you may need to know to support your favourite team! Dive into the world of football, cheer alongside fans and start learning Portuguese.

Portuguese Football Phrases:

To play footballJogar futebol
To pass the ballPassar a bola
To runCorrer
GoalGolo / Gol
Kick / shotChuto / Chute
To knock downDerrubar
To missFalhar / Errar
PenaltyPenálti / Penâlti
Yellow cardCartão amarelo
Red cardCartão vermelho
OffsideFora de jogo
Half-timeIntervalo / Meio-termo
Extra timeTempo de compensação / Prorrogação
Come on!Vamos / Bora
GoalkeeperGuarda-redes / Goleiro
ForwardAvançado / Atacante
DefenderDefesa / Defensor
MidfielderMédio / Meia
To winGanhar
To losePerder

Learning these top football phrases in Portuguese ahead of a match it’s a great way to add another layer of enjoyment. Get in the mood and ready to cheer!

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