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Top Spanish Football Phrases

Top Spanish Football Phrases

Spanish is spoken by many national teams in international tournaments from World Cup to UEFA Euro 2024. It is also the language of a thrilling La Liga match and many teams on the Champions league. Learning key Spanish football phrases can enrich your experience and help you connect with fellow football fans. From ¡vamos! (come on!) to fuera de juego (offside) there are many that every fan should know. Get ready to support your favourite team and cheer alongside fans by learning Spanish.

Spanish Football Phrases:

To play footballJugar al fútbol
To pass the ballPasar el balón
To runCorrer
Kick / ShotTiro / Disparo
To knock downDerribar
To missFallar
Yellow cardTarjeta amarilla
Red cardTarjeta roja
OffsideFuera de juego
Extra timeTiempo añadido
Come on!¡Vamos!
To winGanar
To losePerder

Are you ready to get into the game with these top football phrases in Spanish? If you are watching the matches of the UEFA Euro 2024 be ready with essential lingo to fully immerse yourself in the game, Spanish style. Should you travel to a Spanish-speaking country learn these essential holiday phrases in Spanish!

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