French Expressions to Sound Like a Local

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French Expressions To Sound Like A Local In France

When you are learning a language some of the most important words you will learn are local slang expressions and the colloquial vernacular. In order to understand what the average person is saying, from a Parisian side street to a small village in the CA?te d’Azur, you need to know a bit of slang to help you fit in and get by. These expressions will help you fit into any casual conversation and the more French slang you learn, the more you will sound like a local!

Bien ? / Quoi de neuf ? a�� What’s up?

Laisse tomber a�� Never mind, let it go

Je me casse a�� Ia��m out of here! (informal)

Sans blague a�� No joke, duh

Quoi a�� Isna��t it? (to put emphasis at the end of a sentence. Ita��s not grammatically correct.)

Trop stylA� a�� Cool, awesome

Nickel a�� Perfect

SantA�! a�� Cheers! (during a toast)

Pompette a�� Tipsy

Bouffe a�� Food

C’est du gA?teau ! a�� Ita��s easy, it’s a piece of cake!

Quand les poules auront des dents a�� When pigs fly, that will never happen

Oh purA�e ! a�� Oh my goodness!

A�a craint ! a�� That sucks!

Flasher sur quelqu’un a�� To have a crush on someone

Gars / mec a�� Guy, man

Nana a�� Woman, girl

Canon a�� Hot, attractive person

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