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Top 5 Places to Learn German in 2016

learn german in munich

If you’re thinking of taking a German course this Spring/Summer check our top 5 recommendations for a great German experience. To book any of our courses please call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Munich, Germany

As Germanya��s unofficial southern capital Munich is a sophisticated city full of street cafes, beer halls and art galleries. But amongst the distinctly middle-class European vibe you can also find a traditional and very German side to Munich which is unmistakably Bavarian. The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is essentially Municha��s centrepiece. Attracting everyone and large enough to rival Hyde Park and Central Park in size, the park is a must-see spot to stroll through for a few hours and to sunbathe in during the hot summer days.

Munich holds a number of well-known festivals including the much-loved and much-famed Oktoberfest. In the summer months Opernfestspiele bring opera talent from around the world to the city. And the Tollwood Festival engages the city in concerts, theatre, readings, circus and many other cultural events. Munich is a great cosmopolitan place to learn German and with a city full of friendly locals to practise with you cannot go wrong. Find out more about our German courses in Munich.

Berlin, Germany

People rave about Berlin. They fall in love with it, which is difficult to understand, unless you have been there yourself. Unpretentious yet glamorous, unpredictable yet embracing, uninhibited yet reassuring, Berlin is the city that offers everything yet forces nothing. The eclectic party scene, numerous bars and wide ranging restaurants have been well-documented as has the citya��s eventful history, which is tangible everywhere you go. Berlin is a place where your history text book comes alive. In Berlin you will learn and practise standard German. Find out more about our German courses in Berlin.

Cologne, Germany

A trip to Cologne is incomplete without a visit to the citya��s famous cathedral, which is over 750 years old, is regularly voted Germanya��s most popular tourist attraction. The city also offers something for aficionados of chocolate, sport, Roman history and romantics. If you walk towards the river from the Cathedral you will find Hohenzollern Bridge, also known as a�?Padlock Bridgea��. Lovers come to attach their engraved padlock onto the bridge, lock it up and throw the key away into the river Rhine to seal their commitment to one another. You can find more than 40,000 padlocks on the bridge. Learn German in a city famed for its friendly, party-going people. Find out more about our German courses in Cologne.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is Germanya��s second largest city and is one of Germanya��s wealthiest cities. Labelled the a�?gateway to the worlda��, Hamburg homes not only one of Europea��s largest ports but a beautiful old town where merchants once traded tea, coffee and spices. In contrast Hamberg is also home to one of the largest inner-city construction projects in Europe a�� HafenCity. One of the best vantage points to view the city is the public viewing platform at the Dockland office building. In addition to beautiful views the city is famous for its red light district a�?Reeperbahna�� and fish market in Altona. Learn high-German and rub shoulders with the wealthiest (and some say snobbiest) Germans in the country. Find out more about our German courses in Hamburg.

Vienna, Austria

With its opulent palaces Vienna is undeniably a city of imperial grandeur. It is rich in culture, rich in history and also rich in quality of life. But above all it is rich in music and as the city of music a trip to Vienna also translates into a voyage through the worlds of Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, and Brahms, among others. Although there may be an emphasis on vast array of talented classical composers and musicians that were born, lived and worked in Vienna, there are also some great Jazz and live rock clubs to be discovered. The people of Vienna are as charming as they are attractive, and who better to practise your German with whilst studying in this stunning city. Find out more about our German courses in Vienna.

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