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Free Online Language Test

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Most people know at least a little of another language, so whether you have a bit of high-school French, a smattering of German from an exchange programme, or have just picked up some Brazilian Portuguese from friends……it’s always intriguing to find out exactly how much you remember and what level you really are. Whatever language you know you can find out your level here with our FREE online language test.

Cactus Language has level tests in 19 different languages. The tests are all multiple choice and you will be sent your results, along with the level you have achieved which is mapped against the internationally recognised Common European Framework (CEFR).

You may surprise yourself and remember more than you thought! To accurately assess your level and interpret your test results, please also read our level descriptions. The tests consist of 40 questions. You do not have to answer them all. Please only answer questions, which you know the answer to. The outcome of the test assumes that you did not guess any of the answers.

Choose your language level test below:

Arabic language test
Cantonese language test
Serbo-Croatian language test
Czech language test
Danish language test
Dutch language test
English language test
French language test
German language test
Greek language test
Italian language test
Japanese language test
Mandarin language test
Polish language test
Portuguese language test
Russian language test
Spanish language test
Swedish language test
Turkish language test

Good Luck!

Cactus language offers the following types of language courses:

Evening language courses: 19 different languages in 15 UK locations
Language holidays: worldwide immersion courses in the country of the language
Private tuition: tailor-made and corporate language training solutions throughout the world
TEFL: teacher training courses for both English and other languages all over the world
Online courses: for teacher training, English and French

Cactus offers language courses to all levels. To book any of our courses please call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit our language course questions page for our evening courses.


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