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woman taking a free onlin language level test

Are you learning Spanish and still not sure about the difference between a�?por’ and ‘paraa��? Or maybe youa��re studying French and cana��t quite work out why the word order seems to be back to front? If youa��re a German student you might be confusing your a�?dersa�� with your a�?demsa�� and a�?densa��. Whatever your question, for whichever language you are learning, you now have the chance to get all the answers with a free one-to-one class.

Simply book your evening language course with Cactus Language this week and we will arrange a FREE one-hour one-to-one Skype lesson for you AND you will receive 5% off the cost of your course. See here for full terms and conditions.

Cactus Language offers 10-week and 5-week evening language courses in 15 locations across the UK, in more than 15 different languages. From beginners through to advanced, Cactus has the evening language course to suit your needs.

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Receive a FREE one-hour one-to-one Skype Language Lesson and 5% off your course – when you book your Cactus evening language course. For bookings made 7th – 18th March 2016 only, using code FS16. Cactus Language offers evening language courses, private tuition, language holidays abroad, and TEFL courses in more than 200 locations worldwide.