The Intrepid Guide

The Intrepid Guide and Cactus Language

Travel and language author and blogger, The Intrepid Guide (Michele), starting studying Norwegian with Cactus in October 2018 with our Beginner 1 Norwegian group evening language course. Michele comes from an Italian family but was born and brought up in Australia. She now lives in London, via Italy, and has an innate an insatiable love of both travel and languages. Fluent in English and Italian, she has also spent time learning other languages including Arabic, French, Afrikaans and now Norwegian with Cactus.

What to Expect from your First Language Class

Michele explains in her own words her personal experience of face-to-face language learning with Cactus. In this video Michele talks about what to expect from your first group language class. From the practical elements of the course book and arriving on time, to the other students and what you will be taught in the first class, Michele gives her first-hand, independent views on what you will experience.

Language Guides and Cheat Sheets

On her website The Intrepid Guide provides some useful and detailed cheat sheets, giving you the basic key phrases and expressions in the language, along with some helpful pronunciation tips.

Arabic Cheat Sheet French Cheat Sheet Norwegian Cheat Sheet
Czech Cheat Sheet German Cheat Sheet Portuguese Cheat Sheet
Danish Cheat Sheet Greek Cheat Sheet Spanish Cheat Sheet
Dutch Cheat Sheet Italian Cheat Sheet Swedish Cheat Sheet



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