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The Rise of the Millennial Force


Written by Dorotea De Santis, Foreign Languages Executive at Cactus Worldwide

With regard to their future, millennials may not be facing much certainty.
It may be time for a reinvention. It may be time for the millennial force.

In a progressively globalized world, that offers a pessimistic future for our young people, more and more Britons begin to push for a legitimate question to be answered: where will my place lie within it?

Young people today are constantly being told that:

• Going to university leads to excessive graduate debt
• Career prospects are scarce, despite qualifications being plentiful
• They may never own their own home
• They may never be able to afford to have children
• They will have to work into their retirement and far beyond current retirement age
• They compete for the European title of being the worst foreign language learners

The recent tripling cost of tuition fees across the U.K. as well as the speculation that these may sore to even higher rates , has led millennials to face a wall of discouragement when applying to university. That, combined with a bleak, debt-filled, childless future in rented accommodation has also contributed to dissuading many from taking on what seems to have become an educational struggle, at least here in the U.K.

However, with constant exposure to doom and gloom, recent studies demonstrate that many young people in the UK have started to realise that the key to a brighter future may in actual fact lie elsewhere. Enthusiastic youngsters have become eager to consider their options with an open mind. More and more are looking to experience a way of life that is different from their own – even if this means studying in other countries.

The Benefits of Studying Overseas:

• Lower or non-existent university fees
• Lower living costs and a better quality of life
• Better international job prospects
• The acquisition of a new language
• An enhanced diverse learning experience
• A unique opportunity to meet people from different walks of life
• A guaranteed increase in starting salary

And it’s not just about the costs. The inevitable truth is the following: the generations of tomorrow will be competing in a global market where the majority of the workforce speaks at least two languages. English is already a given for many young Europeans. In addition they are armed with not only their native language but often a third or even fourth tongue. Supported by continuous findings that young foreign language speakers in search of a job are deemed more attractive than their monolingual competition, this trend, shows no sign of abating.

If there ever has been a bandwagon to jump on, this one would be it. Stay ahead of the game and join the winning majority. The trade-off is a brighter future, in the form of the opportunity of a lifetime.

As from 2016, Cactus Language Training will be teaming up with partner universities throughout Europe, in order to facilitate the enrolment of British students into institutions across Spain, Germany, Italy and France and Scandinavia. Our students will benefit from close consultation every step of the way, from their search for the right programme right through to a prospective conditional offer from one of the many European establishments to choose from, all ranked amid the best 200 in Europe.

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