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Top 5 Places to Learn Spanish

top 5 places to learn spanish cartagena

Top 5 Places to Learn Spanish in 2016

With so many Spanish speaking countries to choose from, so many interesting cities and fantastic beaches it is difficult to know where to take your Spanish language holiday. So to help you out the Cactus team have come up with their top 5 places to learn Spanish to make the decision a little easier. To book any of our courses please call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

1. Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz is a strong favourite with the Cactus team as a summer destination. Cadiz has some fantastic beaches where you can learn how to surf as part of your course and spend your afternoons and weekends in the water and topping up on the tan. Cadiz is also a historical city with a beautiful old town, great food and wine which is super cheap and friendly people. Ita��s impossible not to have a great time in Cadiz during the summer months.
Spanish courses in Cadiz

2. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena has many faces and the one you are most likely to want to look at is the old town, lying within 13km of centuries-old colonial stone walls. Historic, colourful and vibrant, this alone would be enough to warrant Cartagena a place in our top 5. But this is just the start a�� located on the Caribbean coast Cartagena also has some of the most stunning beaches in Colombia, its own version of Miami with Bocagrande, and an addictive open-air cafA� culture. Take a look, take a trip, take a course.
Spanish courses in Cartagena

3. Barcelona, Spain

The ever popular Barcelona has for a long time been a firm favourite. Worth a visit any time of the year as a city-on-the-beach Barcelona really comes into its own during the summer months. Gaudi, the old town, great shopping and the Catalan air of sophistication that cannot be attributed to the rest of Spain, give Barcelona its a�?encantoa�� that has made it so popular. With a busy language student population Barcelona is the place to go to meet people like-minded people.
Spanish courses in Barcelona

4. Havana, Cuba

Cuba is in our top 5 for a number of reasons. As a country that has, to an extent, cut itself off from the rest of the world the language holiday experience in Cuba is somewhat different to the experience you may have in other places. All the courses are held in the your homestay accommodation as your teacher will come to you. This is a great immersive experience as you get to live with Spanish speakers and have the structure of more formal training with your teacher. And, if you take the one-to-one option you can arrange your classes around the other activities you want to do. Havana feels neglected and dilapidated but is so beautiful at the same time. People are poor but they are happy. From impromptu salsa dancing in the street, to mojitos with the locals, you will be awed and inspired by their energy and enthusiasm, for their lives, and in particular, for their country.
Spanish courses in Havana

5. Valencia, Spain

If youa��ve been to Barcelona and loved it then Valencia should be next on your list. Valencia has fewer tourists and cheaper prices than its neighbour up the coast, but keeps the great beaches, fantastic food and chilled vibe. Our school in Valencia is unique in its dA�cor and the arguably the teaching provided is the best in the country. Being so close to the rest of Europe and with such good flight connections there really is no reason not to squeeze in a cheeky week in Valencia.
Spanish course in Valencia

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