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How to Learn a Language Fast

There are no quick fixes for learning a language, however, we have put together our top 7 tips to learn a language fast. Accelerate your language learning and to get the best results in the shortest period of time. There are small changes you can make and habits that you can adopt which will result in learning a new language fast.

How to Learn a Language Fast: Our Top 7 Tips

  1. Speak from Day One

No matter how strange the pronunciation feels or how worried you are about getting the words wrong – open your mouth and speak. This is the best and quickest way to progress your language learning. Making mistakes is a normal and necessary part of learning a new language. The sooner you become comfortable with this the sooner you will improve. Cactus offers group online language courses and in all our classes you will start speaking the language from the very first lesson.

  1. Study a Little Every Day

It’s much more beneficial to spend 10 – 15 minutes everyday working on your vocabulary, grammar and reading and listening skills, than a 2 hour slot, once a week. Little and often will reinforce the new words and structures in your mind and keep you motivated. Free apps like Duolingo give you the chance to revise and recycle what you are learning in a fun way.

  1. Use Free Online Resources

There are so many free language learning resources that ignoring them would just be foolish! We have put together a list of some of the best free language resources for each language, take a look and incorporate these into your 10 – 15 minute daily session.

  1. Read, Write and Listen in the Language

Whatever you do in your native language, try to do it in the language you are learning. This will guarantee your interest and increase your motivation. For example – if you’re watching a movie or series on Netflix, put it in the language you are learning with English (or your native language) subtitles. And if you’re more advanced, without the subtitles. If you like to read articles about celebrities, find some online in the language you are learning. You can also follow companies, people and influencers that communicate in the language you are learning on social media. Anything that you do in your daily life, keep doing it, but do it in the language you are learning.

  1. Utilise Your Course Book

Your course book is an excellent resource and reference book for your current level. Course books include grammar explanations, pronunciation analysis, example structures and vocab lists. You can use all of these to bring focus to what you are studying, and also provide explanations for when you get confused.

  1. Join Tandem

Tandem is a free app that helps you find native speakers who want to learn your language in exchange. You just log in, find someone who speaks the language you are learning and invite them for a free chat.

  1. Track Your Progress

Revising for an end of unit test (in the course book) serves as a good way to take stock of what you have learnt and to recognise how far you have come. It’s really important to go back over what you have done on a regular basis. Fill in your knowledge gaps and also highlight how much more you can do in the language now compared to a week ago, or a month ago.

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Next Steps to Learn a Language Fast

If you are looking to learn a language fast – the best option will be to join a class for your chosen language. Cactus offers online language courses for over 20 languages, so you can learn from the comfort of your home or desk. You can choose a course that meets your needs and we hope that our tips to learn a new language fast can set you on the right track. You can also take or private language classes, wherever you are and whenever you choose or discover a new culture with our language holidays abroad.

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