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Top Turkish Football Phrases

Top Turkish Football Phrases

Football is more than just a sport in Turkey—it’s a way of life. Whether you are a seasoned fan or new to the game, understanding the local lingo can enhance your experience. If you are planning a trip to Turkey, or simply curious about Turkey’s performance on the UEFA Euro 2024, learn a few essential phrases. From kırmızı kart (red card) to ofsayt (offside) there are many essential football phrases in Turkish to learn. Discover over 25 top Turkish football phrases and get ready to cheer alongside fans.

Turkish Football Phrases:

To play footballFutbol oynamak
To pass the ballPas vermek
To runKoşmak
Kick / ShotŞut çekmek / Atmak
HeaderKafa vuruşu
To knock downYere düşürmek
To missKaçırmak
Yellow cardSarı kart
Red cardKırmızı kart
Half-timeIlk yarı
Extra timeUzatma
Come on!Haydi!
MidfielderOrta saha
To winKazanmak
To loseKaybetmek

Turkish football is a passionate sport with a rich history and, boasts a unique atmosphere and enthusiastic fans. Get ready to impress your friends when watching a match by learning these top football phrases in Turkish. You can also check our Turkish guide for beginners.

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