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Top Ukrainian Football Phrases

Top Ukrainian Football Phrases

футбол (football) is a passion that transcends borders, and Ukraine is no exception. With their national team taking part in the UEFA Euro 2024, there’s no better time to brush up on your Ukrainian football phrases. From “пенальті” to “червона картка” there is much to learn whether you are a fan or simply looking to impress your friends! Learn over 25 essential football phrases in Ukrainian. Get ready to cheer alongside fans!

Ukrainian Football Phrases:

Footballфутбол (futbol)
To play footballграти у футбол (hraty u futbol)
Ballм’яч (myach)
To pass the ballпасувати м’яча (pasuvaty myacha)
To runбігти (bihti)
Gameгра (hra)
Goalгол (hol)
Kick / Shotудар (udar)
Headerудар головою (udar holovoyu)
To knock downзбивати (zbyvaty)
To missпропустити (propustyty)
Foulфол (fol)
Penaltyпенальті (penalti)
Yellow cardжовта картка (zhovta kartka)
Red cardчервона картка (chervona kartka)
Offsideпоза грою (poza hroyu)
Half-timeперерва (pererva)
Extra timeдодатковий час (dodatkovyi chas)
Come on!Давай! (davai!)
Goalkeeperворотар (vorotar)
Forwardнападник (napadynyk)
Defenderзахисник (zahysnyk)
Midfielderпівзахисник (pivzakhystnyk)
Refereeсуддя (suddia)
To winперемагати (peremohate)
To loseпрогравати (prohraty)

Next time you watch an Ukrainian game, try out a few of these football phrases in Ukrainian. These expressions will help you engage more fully with matches and cheer alongside local supporters. Be ready to show extra support by learning key Ukrainian phrases and words.

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