Why Work for Cactus Language?

Why Work for Cactus Language?

✅ At Cactus Language Training we offer flexibility; whether it be a 5 week intensive course, a 10 evening language course or 1-to-1 private tuition, we are sure to have a teaching opportunity that will suit each candidate.
✅ Our teaching opportunities work on a supply & demand basis, meaning that they are frequent. This therefore means that once a teacher has been employed and added to the database, they will be contacted on a regular basis with new opportunities that match their profile.
✅ We do not impose a rigid syllabus by which our trainers are obliged to abide; our approach is communicative, meaning that our teachers are not constrained by rules that may hinder their personalised methodology.
✅ We are worldwide, meaning that you can work for us from anywhere. Teachers who have left the UK and are now based elsewhere continue to receive teaching opportunities and deliver work for us. Wherever you may be, we will have opportunities in your location.
✅ Our group numbers tend to be small; average 6 to 8 students, meaning that the teacher can really invest quality time with his/her students and witness their linguistic progress.
✅ Consistency; can flexibility and consistency coincide? Yes they can and at Cactus we pride ourselves on striking this balance. E.g. continuation courses always assigned to previous teacher who is prioritised based on student satisfaction.

Who are our teachers?

Our teachers are academic professionals who are either native or fluent speakers of the language they teach for us. Their ages can range from 25 all the way to 82, but they all have one thing in common: their passion for their language and their passion for the teaching profession.

Our vast database of teachers consists of over 5000 tutors from all over the world, who teach one or several languages, ranging from the most common to the most peculiar. Many are European and UK based, whilst others work remotely.

At Cactus we are very proud of our teachers, who represent us around the world. We value their work strongly, and persistently strive to better our relationship with them.

View our Current Vacancies for teaching opportunities in the UK and worldwide.

View our Online Teaching Resources for teaching activities, exercises, lesson plans, and audio – visual materials for the language that you teach.

View our Teaching Adult Language Learners with Dyslexia Course to sign up for a free online training course to enhance your understanding of dyslexia and contribute to your professional development.

View our Teacher of the Intake to learn more about our teachers and teaching for Cactus

For information on becoming a Cactus Language teacher call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any question you may have. Go back to Work for Us.
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