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Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with an estimated one billion speakers in China and Taiwan alone. With the Chinese population growing rapidly and China showing huge global importance and influence, knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is fast becoming a covetable asset. It’s true that it is a difficult language to learn, yet your efforts will be greeted with respect and be a valuable step towards securing business and personal relationships with the Chinese.

Cactus offers a wide range of Chinese Mandarin courses, from group evening classes to private tuition, through to immersion courses in the country where the language is spoken. Our Chinese Mandarin Courses page explains your course options in full.

Cactus evening Chinese Mandarin courses are the perfect place to begin your journey learning Mandarin, in the safe hands of a professional, native speaking teacher and with the support of your fellow students, who together will ensure that your course is enjoyable, engaging and effective.

In your Cactus Chinese Mandarin language classes you will learn standard Mandarin, and the lessons will focus on vocabulary, grammar, speaking and pronunciation. Please visit our course outline page for full information on the course content. You can also check your level here.

Group Chinese Mandarin Courses – UK Locations

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