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Student Reviews

Our students' feedback enables us to monitor and maintain the quality of our language courses, ensure they are getting the most out of their course, and help new students choose the right course for them. As such our student's views are invaluable to us and you. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send us their comments. You can read some of them below.

April 2015 Student Reviews

  • My Tutor was very good, and very firm, I've made lots of improvement, now I can go to Paris on my own and be able to communicate.

    French Beginner 1 in Liverpool

    Bibi — April 2015

  • Immersive learning is intensive and like being thrown in at the deep end, but very effective!

    Covered a variety of topics as well as going in depth on grammar use, pronunciation, etc. More written and listening work than the Beginner 1 course, which was very helpful.

    [The Teaching was] Excellent - our teacher was patient, encouraging, explained everything clearly, incorporated individual needs and made classes fun.

    We had everything we needed and were provided with any additional materials we asked for.

    I couldn't believe how much I learned in the Beginner 1 course, and the Beginner 2 course has built on that much more than I expected. I feel that I have learned a great deal in a short time and much more confident in my abilities.

    Spanish Beginner 2 in Liverpool

    Shelley — April 2015

  • Peggy was fantastic. We had various exercises each lesson. I found her very easy to talk to and very helpful. She is a great teacher. I have learnt a lot. From grammar, vocabulary, lots of reading and writing too. I think I'm well prepared for the next level and I wish it would be with Peggy again.

    German Beginner 1 in London Russell Square

    Joanna — April 2015

  • A great introductory course. Harika was a great teacher, it was obvious she cared about the student's learning and made the lessons engaging and well planned. The course was exactly what I was looking for and the teacher made sure we all understood. I feel I made good progress, more than I expected.

    Turkish Beginner 1 in London Holborn

    Ambreen — April 2015

  • The course was well planned out with a good amount of work set each week. Nicholas is a very good teacher. Good teaching style. Definitely knows his stuff. Makes lessons enjoyable. I feel that thanks to the course I now have a solid starting point for continuing to learn Japanese.

    Japanese Beginner 1 in Manchester

    Ben — April 2015

  • The course is very good, the atmosphere and people are great and Fabiola is outstandingly good teacher.

    Italian Beginner 2 in Manchester

    Marta — April 2015

  • Very effective and enthusiastic teaching. Sara always related our classes to everyday situations and aspects of Portuguese culture where relevant, which made the course interesting and fun.

    Portuguese Beginner 1 in Manchester

    Paul — April 2015

  • Definitely have made progress, and would have been great to have a small quiz at the end in Week 10 to check progress.

    Italian Beginner 1 in London Bond Street

    Jenny — April 2015

  • Amazing teacher. Great way to build up language skills. A lot of practice and repetitions for every one. Really enjoyed it!

    Chinese (Mandarin) Beginner 1 in London Bond Street

    Camille — April 2015

  • Tabara is very patient and an excellent teacher. Hope to have her for our next course. eachers can only do so much in 2 hours. Students need to do a little extra between classes to stay up to date. Tabara ensured we had homework but never piled it on us. Loved her classes.

    French Beginner 1 in London Bond Street

    Marcelle — April 2015

January 2015 Student Feedback

  • I am very happy with Claudia! She is an excellent teacher.

    Italian Beginner 1, Tottenham Court Road

    Sarah — Jan-15

  • Romina puts a lot of effort into her preparation and has tailored her approach to suit the needs of the current class members. I like the fact that she speaks in German but also checks that we have understood what she has said by repeating key phrases in English. The Cactus staff have been very helpful and polite.

    German Beginner 3, Liverpool

    Chris — Jan-15

  • Great. Really good balance of grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening activities. Very very good. One of the best teachers I've had at Cactus - Good use of course book (Menschen) and secondary course book for homework tasks (Schritte). The white board is used by Mark to great effect. Audio from Schritte used to re-inforce learning at the end of a lesson. Very effective. An excellent variety of activities - particularly the games which are very fun and encourage speaking. I really really like the games... a lot. The class is conducted nearly in 100% German - which is very very important to me. Excellent grammar overviews which aren't overloading/too much in one lesson. Excellent use of whiteboard to write down new vocabulary/grammatical examples. A good amount of homework - not too much, not too little. Homework is very relevant to work we have recently studied in class and hence is not too hard. Beautiful location next to the British Museum. The staff at this school are very friendly and helpful. Excellent. Leticia kept me well informed about the location/teacher of the class ahead of time, as always.

    German Intermediate 1, Tottenham Court Road

    Tim — Jan-15

  • I really can’t stress how much respect I have for Emmanuelle. She is such a conscientious and passionate teacher, and a huge assest to the Cactus team. Emma is incredibly prepared, qualified, and passionate about teaching. I love her class and find her exercises very helpful.

    French Beginner 3, Russell Square

    Margaret — Jan-15

  • It is getting easier and easier to speak as our vocab is increasing. I have really enjoyed this term.

    Spanish Elementary 1, Manchester

    Anja — Jan-15

  • Anne is a brilliant teacher who encourages interaction and engagement. I felt the new text book was more interactive than the last and a definite upgrade.

    German Elementary 2, Brighton

    Kieran — Jan-15

  • Excellent teaching, really enjoyable lessons with a variety of engaging activities. The material was very well prepared. Really appreciate comments on pronunciation.

    German Intermediate 2, Liverpool

    Lucy — Jan-15

October 2014 course reviews

  • Angela is the best teacher I have experienced at Cactus, she pushes us hard to develop more which is fantastic. I finally feel that I am understanding Italian - how to construct sentences, how to think in Italian.

    Italian Evening Course 10 weeks

    Emma Bentley — Oct-14

  • Monika is an excellent teacher. She makes it very enjoyable and is always happy to answer questions.

    German Beginner 2

    Laura Higgins — Oct-14

  • Excellent teacher! I took the online language test on the Cactus site at the beginning of the course and took it again at the end and I have improved. I have a better score! Having an understanding and skilled teacher is a great help in learning a new language. I enjoyed doing the homework and enjoyed coming to the lessons. I have booked Spanish 3.

    Spanish Beginner 2

    Ellen Stevenson — Oct-14

  • Roksi continues to be a great teacher – it’s the first time I'm enjoying (and progressing!) with a foreign language course in my life.

    German Beginner 2

    Rachel Hankins — Oct-14

  • Meltem is an excellent teacher. Meltem continues to have fun lessons with lots of interaction.

    Turkish Advanced

    Hans Meissner — Oct-14

  • I can now pick up a few words when I watch Spanish movies. I I finally learnt what Feliz Navidad means. I thought it was someone's name!! Gloria was wonderful. She brought a lot of extra materials to help us.

    Spanish Beginner 1

    Beatrice Mikuzi — Oct-14

  • Elena was a wonderful teacher! She cares a lot about providing the best course for her students. I thought she went above and beyond what is required of a teacher, as she would correct our homework outside of class hours. She made the class interactive, fun and very enjoyable!

    Italian Elementary 3

    Bernadette Maingat — Oct-14

  • I started understand the basics of German and not finding it so unfamiliar. I feel that with little practice I could find my way around in basic German. I like the teacher and she took good care of us, keeping us engaged and motivated to learn. She always answered all our questions and was very patience with us. I would like to see Susanne teaching my next level German.

    German Beginner 1

    Marina Pavlovic — Oct-14

  • The teaching on this course was excellent - very relaxed and supportive style whilst also encouraging the class to share skills and stretching us to learn as much as possible.

    French Beginner 2

    Helen Mark — Oct-14

  • Slightly cheaper than the alternatives that I looked at. Taught in German - very good. Very likeable teacher. Encouraging feedback given even when mistakes made.

    German Intermediate 1

    Edward Seymour — Oct-14

  • The teaching was excellent, have had teachers that make language learning slow and boring but Tani had a variety of teaching methods and made the lessons fun and interactive. The content was good and the teacher adapted to the needs of the class. Grown in my understanding of the French language and in confidence to keep learning.

    French Elementary 1

    Barnabas Kwant — Oct-14

  • Ursula is very helpful and patient, and has a friendly and effective teaching style

    German Intermediate 1

    Peter Ashworth — Oct-14

  • Excellent teaching by Nancy-she takes time to make certain that you fully understand the material and gives individual assistance. Given that the lesson is only two hours in length the content of each lesson and therefore the course is well structured so that only the correct amount of material is given that can be realistically covered within the given time. Nancy structures the lessons to make certain the course material is covered.

    Chinese Beginner 2

    Alfred Phillips — Oct-14

  • Excellent! ***** Sanna picks up helpfully on mispronunciation and praises/encourages good examples. Lessons start and finish on time. It seems remarkable how much we cover in just 2 hours! Keep the special offers coming! I want to go all the way with the Cactus Swedish curriculum!

    Swedish Beginner 3

    Chris Berry — Oct-14

  • This course has great features. We are taught grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation in a fun and informative way. I found the teacher to be approachable, understanding and helpful. She meets us at the level we are at and challenges us to achieve more. I will be definitely booking onto the next Spanish course. Previously I have done the beginners Spanish with the oxford city council adult learning and it was extremely poor compared to this course. I will recommend this to my friends (I already have) and will be booking onto the next course.Thank you.

    Oxford Spanish

    Ellen Stevenson — Oct-14

  • Definitely a great place to study! We were really lucky to have an interesting and extremely patient teacher, May Mahmoud. She balanced the classes really well - teaching us the basics of the language while at the same time sharing with us fascinating aspects of the culture. What really stood out however, was the way she managed to cater for the needs of all, and really made everyone feel welcome and at ease :) Thanks!

    Manchester Arabic

    Angela Osmond — Oct-14

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed both Beginners 1 and Beginners 2 Turkish and am looking forward to starting Beginners 3. The Cactus team has been polite and helpful. The school in Russell Square is easy to get to, which is very handy. Our teacher has been excellent - knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and genuinely wants us to do well. He has a good teaching technique and has managed to cope well with the varying learning speeds and abilities of his students. As for the course content, I am very happy with what I have learned and already feel more able to have basic conversations with my Turkish friends.

    Holborn Turkish Beginner 2

    Michelle Cummins — Oct-14

  • Great teacher who puts a lot of time and effort into preparing lessons so there is always something to do, and helps to correct your mistakes without being patronising. On the down side, traffic before the lesson makes getting to the lesson a nuisance, but overall well worth it for a supportive teacher who cares about you learning a language and tailors the course to the subjects you're interested in and your learning styles.

    Bristol German Beginner 1

    Samuel Morris — Oct-14

  • The course was very fun and it's nice to meet new people. The teacher's always try and make the lesson interesting and they try their best to help us understand the language.

    Sheffield German

    Chilip — Oct-14

  • Although I missed the first 2 weeks, I soon got up to speed and felt the content of the lessons was good, I also enjoyed getting involved in role plays and felt there was a lot of interaction, the small class sizes helped me to get the attention and focus required

    Manchester German Beginner 3

    Andrew Haughton — Oct-14

  • J'ai attendu un class au Bond Street pour etude Francaise; Le professeur a ete bon et les exercises ont ete particulier pour grammaire:Le vocabulaire tres facile aussi!

    French Elementary 1

    Vasso Ntasiou — Oct-14

  • I have been very impressed with the German Intermediate 1 course run by Melanie in Manchester. There were fewer than 10 people in my class which was great. The lessons were a 'German only environment' and Melanie took into account the varying levels of the students. The pace was good, lots of homework so motivation to do home study, and it was a good mixture of grammar and speaking (reading, listening and writing too of course). I will be enrolling on the German Intermediate 2 course next year.

    Manchester German Intermediate 1

    Susannah Wallace — Oct-14

  • Classes were structured and fun with lots of interaction from the group. We have all been learning and improving each week. Many of our class have not learnt German for a long time and are very rusty and at differing levels of skills and confidence. Our teacher has helped everyone. Course materials are good but we have not just followed the course book. Do make sure you order the right books in time for the courses though as they are essential. If you are looking to start or improve your language skills Cactus seems like a good choice. I will be signing up for the next level :-)

    Manchester German Intermediate 1

    Maxwell Brierley — Oct-14

Evening Course (10 weeks)

  • Chirag is a great teacher and very patient as it is a lot of information for me and I dont do well at memorising things but he is good at explaining things and how to structure a sentence. He is friendly and professional and obviously very passionate about learning and languages which makes the lessons more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend him and Cactus school.

    London Holborn-Russell Square, Hindi Evening Course 10 weeks

    Sarah G — Oct 2013

  • I really enjoyed the class atmosphere and the excellence of my teacher!

    New York, German Evening Course 10 weeks

    Student — Apr 2013

  • I really enjoyed the class in general, I wasn't the best student in the class however I really was made welcome by Isabel and I'm looking forward to the next course!

    Manchester, German Evening Course 10 weeks

    David P — Apr 2013

  • I really enjoyed the way the lessons were structured, it was the perfect level for my skills!

    London, Italian Evening Course 10 weeks

    Irene P — Mar 2013

  • I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the class and the size of the group which allowed us to ask a lot. I also really liked the diversity of the attendants which was most enjoyable!

    Bristol, Portuguese Evening Course 10 weeks

    Laura G — Mar 2013

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Evening Course (5 weeks)

  • I really enjoyed Grazia's way of teaching. She presented a fun and personable way to learn and was very engaging. She really took great care to help with any questions or correct us.

    Brighton, Italian Evening Course 5 weeks

    Sarah F — Mar 2013

  • I really enjoyed Karine, my teacher. She was really good and encouraging. She also did not mind explaining stuff we asked about which didn't relate much to the subject matter and made it all relevant. She prepared us well!

    London, French Evening Course 5 weeks

    Katie F — Mar 2013

  • I really enjoyed the quality of the teaching and the accessible structure of the classes. My teacher, Lindberg, has a very dynamic and inclusive approach to teaching.

    London, Portuguese (Brazilian) Evening Course 5 weeks

    Alexandre C — Mar 2013

  • I really enjoyed being pushed to speak, as well as the homework. I also really liked the feedback all the time.

    London, French Evening Course 5 weeks

    Ray B — Mar 2013

  • I really enjoyed the speaking emphasis. We would be asked about our weekend plans (future and past) and it would get my brain in gear quickly! However it was never pressurised.

    London, French Evening Course 5 weeks

    Belinda S — Mar 2013

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Intensive Course (1 week - 15 hours) - Daytime

Weekend Crash Course

  • The pace of the class was perfect and Amalia tailored the content for our holiday plans throughout. I can't say enough good things about Amalia. Her teaching approach was excellent, and it made the course very enjoyable. Highly recommend!

    London, Spanish Holiday Survival Weekend Course

    Marshall V — Nov 2013

  • I really enjoyed Lina's enthusiastic teaching style. She was very clear. She simplified everything . Her style was what I liked most.

    London, French Refresher Weekend Course

    Burcin E — Mar 2013

  • I had forgotten more French than I initially thought before I started the course. However, I found the course absolutely excellent for going over all the main points again. I learnt so much in this intensive course, it was really incredible.

    London, French Refresher Weekend Course

    Anita T — Mar 2013

  • I really enjoyed my group of 4 students. My teacher, Paulo, interacted with us so well and met ours needs in full with his excellent teaching skills.

    London, Portuguese (Brazilian) Holiday Survival Weekend Course

    Kevin C — Feb 2013

  • I really enjoyed the intensive teaching and how much I learned in a short period of time.

    London, Spanish Holiday Survival Weekend Course

    Jordan G — Jan 2013

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Evening Course (10 weeks) - Pronunciation

Saturday Course (7 Weeks)

  • I really enjoyed the whole experience. Especially the way Almiro tought the class. He was enthusiastic and patient just the qualaties a good teacher should have.

    London, Portuguese Saturday Course 7 Weeks

    Miriam N — Dec 2012

  • I really enjoyed watching videos in in the French language, it really helped me a lot!

    London, French Saturday Course 7 Weeks

    Claudia C — Dec 2012

  • I really enjoy each of the classes. I liked the clips from the internet, and the recordings. Also the interactive activities helped to break down barriers between strangers, and foster a friendly atmosphere of mutual co-operation.

    London, Portuguese Saturday Course 7 Weeks

    Clare A — Oct 2012

  • I really enjoyed the friendliness of the teachers and their willingness to support students by answering questions to make sure students are comfortable and have complete understanding of the language. Course materials were very useful, given clear content of what we need to be confident while speaking or writing French language.

    London, French Saturday Course 7 Weeks

    Gabriel O — Oct 2012

  • I really enjoyed the interactive parts such as the music, dictation and pace of the class. I was interested enough yet pushed to make sure that the momentum to learn was kept up.

    London, Portuguese Saturday Course 7 Weeks

    Alyssa D — Sep 2012

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