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Win a Language Course in Panama

Spanish Language Course in Panama to be Won!

Experience the tropic beaches of Bocas del Toro, the cool, natural highlands of Boquete, and the colonial vibes of downtown Panama city – all for free with this amazing competition – which has to be our best yet. This competition gives you 3 weeks Spanish language tuition, one week in each location, with accommodation included. This competition runs between 6th September to 20th January 2017. Please see here for our terms and conditions.

Why Panama?

The Panama Canal, military dictator Manuel Noriega, Tropic Beaches, Coffee, San Blas, Volcanoes, Tax Haven, the Panama Hat (although this is actually from Ecuador)

Whether you know a lot about Panama or very little, when you visit you will be astounded by the sheer natural beauty and diversity of this Central American country. Somewhat under the radar and overshadowed by its neighbour Costa Rica, Panama is equally a delight of flora and fauna, with a captivating Capital city and beaches that span both the Caribbean and the Pacific.

The Prize

Habla Ya is our long established language school in Panama, operating in the three following locations: Panama City, Boquete and Bocas del Toro. This competition prize allows you to spend a week in each of the locations, in order to ensure you experience the full range of what this amazing country has to offer.


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