10 Week Language Courses

10 Week Language Courses Across the UK

Evening Language Courses are moving online (until further notice).

Cactus is offering 10 week language courses in central city locations across the UK, in addition to the 5 week intensive courses, also held in the evenings. The 10 week language courses allow you to cover the same material as a 5 week course over a longer period of time. This is an excellent option for those who have long term learning goals or wish to prepare for a trip abroad. Are you a beginner? Find out more about our Beginners Language Courses.

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Key Facts for 10 Week Language Courses

Frequency: 20 hours, 10 weeks, 2 hours – once a week
Locations: London (5 Locations), Brighton, Cambridge, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford
Days: One weekday evening per week (Monday to Thursday)
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
Teachers: Native speaking or bilingual teachers

How to Book a 10 Week Evening Language Course

Please check our How to Book page for more information on the simple three step secure and easy online booking process. You can also visit the language or location links to find the right course for you.

When you receive your course confirmation, which will be one week before the course start date, you will also receive login details to MyCactus, your Cactus course online platform where you can check your course information, schedule, course content, homework and also send your tutor a private message.

For information on our courses check our Language Course Questions page, call us on 01273 830 960 or email us. Our multilingual team will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Take our Free Online Level Test to check your level

Our Proven Methodology for Language Learning

Our 10 week language courses are delivered using a proven method, which will give you the confidence to speak and write in the language you are learning.

Learning a new language, or improving on your current language skills, takes time and dedication. But don’t worry, our enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers will keep you motivated, engaged and on task.

Our 10 week evening language courses are immersive and interactive. Your teacher will be a native or bilingual speaker and you will start speaking with confidence from the very first lesson. The classroom atmosphere is relaxed but focussed, and the classroom activities are designed to keep you engaged and motivated throughout the course.

10 Week Beginner Level Courses

Are you a beginner? If so, we have a comprehensive range of language courses for beginners. Whether you are a complete beginner or a false beginner find out which level to choose and what to expect from your course with our beginner level language learner page. For a greater insight into what to expect check out our reviews from an independent reviews platform: Cactus language course reviews.

How Will I Progress?

All of our evening language courses are divided into 6 levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Proficient.

Each level consists of three 10 week courses (eg Beginner Level = Beginner 1, Beginner 2 and Beginner 3). We offer four intakes per year therefore we run four 10 week courses per year. This allows you to complete Beginner 1, 2, 3 and Elementary 1, all in a 12 month period, for example. This is the period of time you need to study in order to achieve a good, basic conversational level of the language.

If you are not sure of your level then you can take our free online level tests. When you start a course with Cactus we will always offer your continuation course the following intake, ensuring that you are able to progress if you so wish. To find out more about specific course content and what you can expect to cover during the course, our language course outline information provides you with a detailed description of what to expect.



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