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Why is Now a Good Time to Learn a Language?

Learning a new language is a skill which sits highly on many peoples list of things to do. But why is now a good time to learn a language? We have taken a look at job opportunities, the current economical climate and career benefits that come with learning a language. Set yourself on the right track by improving your career prospects!


Why is Now a Good Time to Learn a Language?

Career Prospects

No matter the industry you work in, having the skill of a second or third language is insurmountable. With more and more companies becoming global in their reach, being at the frontline of expansion is exciting and fulfilling. Having the ability to converse with new colleagues and clients from across the world sets you apart from the pack.

Why is Now a Good Time to Learn a Language? - Career Prospects

The added bonus deciding to learn a language with Cactus is the ability to do so in your spare time. Our courses take place in the evening which allows them to fit around your current employment.

Whether you are in a company looking to expand or searching for a new venture with a different group, the benefits of additional languages are really beneficial. Using your new found language skills can be applied to roles in the UK or further afield.


With the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK many people are looking at foreign climes for employment. Countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic are some of the most affordable European nations to live and work in. With the increase of energy prices and interest rates in the UK, countries such as these are becoming appealing relocation destinations.

Why is Now a Good Time to Learn a Language? - Relocation

Applying for roles in other countries may seem daunting at first, but with transferable skills and a grasp of the local language and culture, thoughts such as these are not unobtainable.

While English remains the most spoken language across the world, having the ability to converse in the native tongue brings with it a higher chance of employment. Starting your relocation journey with a basic grasp of the language is ideal and with the added benefit of online learning, this can be built upon after you have relocated.

Inexpensive and Developmental Pastime

During the pandemic many people found they had a lot of extra time on their hands. Hobbies and pastimes became an important part of peoples day to day lives and these have continued as we have returned to normality. Learning a language with Cactus is the perfect example of an inexpensive hobby which can in turn develop your skills.

language teaching jobs

With fixed pricing there is no worry of having a sudden splurge on accessories or extra tools for this hobby. During this time of financial fluctuation it is important to all of us to keep track of our spending and language learning is a perfect hobby which allows this.

Not only are the lessons timed to fit in with your day-to-day life, but they also offer a social as well as academic aspect. Learning in small groups allows you to bond with your fellow students and teachers which in turn makes your journey through courses more enjoyable. This combination of cost-effectiveness and social interaction makes language learning with Cactus the perfect hobby for those looking to try something new.

Find out more about why now is a good time to learn a language and start your language journey with Cactus:

Have you read about Why is Now a Good Time to Learn a Language and want to learn more? Cactus offers a variety of great group language courses. Including online and in the UKacross the world and private classes. Learning a language has never been easier, and is a great way to uncover a different culture.

Cactus Language Courses

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