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Hebrew is spoken by 9 million people worldwide, the majority of these living in Israel where it is an official language alongside Arabic. The United States has the second-largest Hebrew speaking population, and Hebrew is spoken throughout the world. Cactus runs group Hebrew courses in London.

As a foreign language, Hebrew is studied most commonly by Jews and students of Israel and Judaism. It is also useful for linguists and archaeologists who specialise in the Middle East and its civilisations, and for theologians. The Hebrew language found in the Bible is known as Biblical or Classical Hebrew: while Classical Hebrew is still used in prayer, Modern Hebrew is the language that is spoken today.

If you are not sure of your level please take our user-friendly Hebrew level test before you book your class. If you are curious about Hebrew, you can read our five top Hebrew language facts. To support your language evening classes, you can check out the free Hebrew resources carefully assessed by the Cactus Team and listed for your reference. You can also check the course content with our Hebrew course outline, and check our Language Course Questions page for detailed information on what to expect from our courses. Most of our courses require a course book; please check our Hebrew Course Materials page to know which course book to buy. Are you a beginner? Find out more about our Beginners Language Courses.

Alternatively, if you have an unpredictable schedule, prefer one-to-one tutor input, or want to fast-track your language learning, then find out more about our Private Tuition for Hebrew.

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Cactus offers Group Evening Hebrew Language Courses London and private and corporate Hebrew language tuition throughout the world. Our private Hebrew language tuition is delivered in your place of work, home or over Skype, at the time and days of your choice for maximum flexibility.

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