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Hindi is the most widely spoken of India’s official languages and across the world it is spoken by a staggering 366 million people. This makes it the fourth most spoken language, behind Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish, and one of huge global importance. Whether you are planning on visiting India for pleasure, are interested in its vast culture, or work in any of the IT, manufacturing or textile industries in which India is a key player, being able to speak Hindi will earn you trust and respect and enhance your experience no end.

Hindi has some similarities with English in that it is written from left to right, does not have articles and shares certain words. Our 10 week evening Hindi courses are taught by friendly and professional native speakers who are skilled at incorporating language learning with fun cultural elements in their Hindi classes.

In your Cactus Hindi language classes you will learn standard Hindi, and the lessons will focus on vocabulary, grammar, speaking and pronunciation. Please visit our course outline page for full information on the course content, and check our Language Course Questions page for detailed information on what to expect from our courses. To support your language evening classes, you can check out the free Hindi resources carefully assessed by the Cactus Team and listed for your reference. If you are not sure of your level please take our user-friendly Hindi level test before you book your class. If you are curious about Hindi, you can read our five top Hindi language facts. Most of our courses require a course book; please check our Hindi Course Materials page to know which course book to buy. Are you a beginner? Find out more about our Beginners Language Courses.

Alternatively, if you have an unpredictable schedule, prefer one-to-one tutor input, or want to fast-track your language learning, then find out more about our Private Tuition for Hindi.

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Cactus Language offers private Hindi courses through its Private Language Training division. Please email us if you would like a quote for a private Hindi course.

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