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Thai is spoken by over 50 million people worldwide, the vast majority residing in Thailand and its neighbouring countries of Laos and Burma. Thailand is an exciting and exotic country that draws people from all over the world for its pristine sandy beaches, lush rain forests, magnificent wildlife and spectacular mountain scenery. Probably the greatest reason that anyone learns Thai is to travel around this wonderful country and to meet the warm, friendly people who live here. Away from the big cities, you will find knowledge of Thai invaluable in helping you to meet the locals, stay safe and experience the culture from within.

Our Thai evening courses will equip you with the language you need to know if you are travelling to Thailand on holiday, to volunteer or for work purposes. You will take Thai lessons in small, interactive groups and make progress quickly.

In your Cactus Thai language classes you will learn standard Thai, and the lessons will focus on vocabulary, grammar, speaking and pronunciation. Please visit our course outline page for full information on the course content, and check our Language Course Questions page for detailed information on what to expect from our courses. To support your language evening classes, you can check out the free Thai resources carefully assessed by the Cactus Team and listed for your reference. You can also check your level here. If you are curious about Thai, you can read our five top Thai language facts. Most of our courses require a course book; please check our Thai Course Materials page to know which course book to buy. Are you a beginner? Find out more about our Beginners Language Courses.

Alternatively, if you have an unpredictable schedule, prefer one-to-one tutor input, or want to fast-track your language learning, then find out more about our Private Tuition for Thai.

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Cactus offers private Thai courses through its Private Language Training division. Please email us if you would like a quote for a private Thai course.

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