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Top 5 Italian Series on Netflix

Top 5 Italian Series on Netflix

Watching TV shows and movies can really help you learn Italian. If you watch with subtitles, it can strengthen your language skills and help you learn new words and phrases. Plus, it’s a good chance to practice speaking and improve your pronunciation. Below you can find a list of the top 5 Italian series on Netflix. From crime stories to thrillers, Netflix has a great selection of shows.

Why Learn Italian with Series on Netflix?

Learning Italian with series on Netflix offers a dynamic and immersive language-learning experience. Through authentic dialogue and cultural contexts, viewers gain exposure to real-life situations. The variety of genres available caters to different interests. These top 5 Italian series on Netflix provide a convenient and enjoyable way to enhance Italian language skills.

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Top 5 Must-Watch Italian Series on Netflix

Many shows could be featured but we have selected the top 5 Italian series on Netflix to watch. Particularly, for learners of the Italian language.

1. “Suburra”

Suburra” is a gritty Italian crime series set in modern-day Rome. It follows the lives of politicians, mobsters, and churchmen dealing with corruption and power struggles.

2. “Baby”

Inspired by a true story, “Baby” is a teen drama about Rome’s elite high school students. It explores rebellion, identity, and social pressures. It’s a coming-of-age drama follows the lives of two high school girls who become involved in a dangerous double life. “Baby” offers a thought-provoking exploration of youth culture and societal pressures in contemporary Italy.

3. “Summertime”

Set on Italy’s Adriatic Coast, “Summertime” is a romantic drama about young adults during a transformative summer. It’s full of heart-warming moments and beautiful locations. The story revolves around two teenagers from different backgrounds who fall in love. The dialogue is natural and great to learn Italian. Sometimes features slang and informal speech commonly used by young Italians.

4. “Curon”

A spooky Italian thriller set in the mysterious town of “Curon“, where dark secrets lurk. When a woman and her teenage twins return, they uncover unsettling events from the town’s past.

5. “Zero”

Zero” follows the story of Omar, a second-generation Italian boy with Senegalese roots, living in public housing near Milan. He and the other kids in his neighbourhood strive to defend their homes from developers. But there’s a twist—Omar discovers he can become invisible when he experiences intense emotions.

These top 5 Italian series on Netflix offer a diverse range of genres and themes. It shows the creative side of Italian storytelling. They are a great complement to Italian language learning.

Italian Series for Language Learners on Netflix

You will be able to practice your Italian language skills whilst improving other areas. Watching Italian series on Netflix offers numerous benefits for language learners:

Contextual Learning

Watching Italian series allows learners to absorb language in context. It helps enhance comprehension and retention. Seeing Italian words and phrases used within the storyline helps learners understand their meanings.

Cultural Immersion

Italian shows provide an immersive experience in Italian culture, traditions, and way of life. From the scenic landscapes to the local customs depicted in the series, learners gain valuable insights. A great way to learn more about Italian society while improving language skills.

Repetition and Reinforcement

Watching episodes multiple times provides opportunities for repetition and reinforcement of language skills. Repetition is a key component of language learning. It helps internalize vocabulary and grammar patterns more effectively.

Top 5 Italian Series on Netflix

Next Steps to Learn Italian with Netflix

Watching one of the top 5 Italian series on Netflix is a fun and engaging way to immerse yourself in the language. Yet, it’s important to remember it’s not a complete learning solution. You should consider other way to supplement your learning. One way is to consider additional media. From reading Italian books and articles to listening to Italian podcasts. Additionally, you could consider enrolling in a structured Italian course. A great way to improve your skills from reading and writing to listening and speaking.

You can start learning a language with Netflix and Cactus. We offer Italian language classes at all levels – choose the one that suits you best. From online Italian courses to private classes. We also offer Italian lessons in London, Brighton, Cambridge. Edinburgh, Leeds, and Manchester. Combine your interest for the Italian language with a course. Start your free trial.

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