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13th London Spanish Film Festival

Improve Your Spanish with the 13th London Spanish Film Festival

Londona��s 13th Spanish film festival brings us a wide range of genres from all corners of Spain, and gives us the opportunity to watch some epic performances on the big screen in their original version. Between Thursday 21st September to Sunday 24th September you can choose from 10 different films, all delivered with English subtitles, which will not only present some interesting aspects of Spanish culture but may even help you learn some new vocabulary! If you live in London and are learning Spanish then dona��t miss out on this opportunity to experience a little of Spain whilst in the UK. Tickets are A?12 with concessions for A?11.

London Spanish Film Festival Locations

CinA� LumiA?re
17 Queensberry Place, South Kensington
London SW7 2DT
Box Office: 020 7871 3515

Regent Street Cinema
309 Regent Street
London W1B 2HW
Tel: 020 7911 5050

London Spanish Film Festival Dates and Showings

Thursday 21st September a�� 6.30pm
MIL COSES QUE FARIA PER TU/Mil cosas que harA�a por ti/A Thousand Things I’d Do For You
Director: DA�dac Cervera
CinA� LumiA?re

Thursday 21st September – 8.50pm
LA REINA DE ESPAA�A/The Queen of Spain
Director: Fernando Trueba
CinA� LumiA?re

Friday 22nd September a�� 6.30pm
LA NIEBLA Y LA DONCELLA/Mist and the Maiden
Director: AndrA�s Koppel
CinA� LumiA?re

Friday 22nd September a�� 8.30pm
Director: Ignacio Nacho
Regent Street Cinema

Saturday 23rd September a�� 4.00pm
Director: Pedro Aguilera
Regent Street Cinema

Saturday 23rd September – 6.00pm
MARIA (Y LOS DEMAS)/MarA�a (and the Others)
Director: Nely Reguera
Preceded by the short
SIBERIA ISN’T THAT COLD/No es tan frA�a Siberia
Director: Isabel Coixet
Regent Street Cinema

Saturday 23rd September – 8.30pm
EL BAR/The Bar
Director: A?lex de la Iglesia
Preceded by the short RENOVABLE/Renewable
Directors: Jose Mari Goenaga, Jon GaraA�o
Regent Street Cinema

Sunday 24th September a�� 4.00pm
Director: Koldo Serra
Regent Street Cinema
A?12, conc. A?11,

Sunday 24th September a�� 6.15pm
Director: VA�ctor GarcA�a LeA?n
CinA� LumiA?re

Sunday 24th September a�� 8.30pm
LA PROPERA PELL/La prA?xima piel/The Next Skin
Directors: Isa Campo, Isaki Lacuesta
CinA� LumiA?re

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